The Last Wolf CHAPTER 12: MY LUNA

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He gave me some advantage and I took the opportunity, I ran and after a while I looked back and didn’t see him. I thought I had won when when suddenly something moved past me, it was so fast I couldn’t make out what it was. I picked up pace, ran til my knees hurt but I was never able to catch up. It was just too quick and I wondered how something so massive can be that quick. I met up with him,I was breathing really hard. I was tired from the run and I wished to change back to human,. It was a thought but he heard me and told me to picture myself as human. His mouth moved this time but this telepathy stuff was driving me crazy. He can hear my thoughts and I could too. I did what he asked me to and the painful transition to human began.
After my transformation, he told me we had to talk. He carried me on his back and ran home.I came off his back and in the blink of an eye he became human. “You will have to teach me how you do that” I told him. “It’s gonna take repeated transformation to attain that and one needs to have perfect harmony with his wolf, meaning your wolf owns you and you own it” he replied. We got in and without wasting time, he asked, “Are you engaged to Damien”. I was surprised by that question, dammn it, how much has she told him already. “I… I… I am, but I don’t love him anymore, he is so destructive and there is barely any trait of human left in him” I answered. With pain written all his face, he said, “so I was just a tool you used in getting what you wanted so bad – being human, right”. I couldn’t answer but he wasn’t lying, that was one of the reasons too but I have taken to him and I love him now. I couldn’t answer his question. “Look at me and say it to my face” he ordered. I just couldn’t bare to say it. “You know what, take my coat, put it on and be on your way, I don’t want to hurt my Luna” he said amid tears. My Luna?, “What does that mean, Luna?” I asked. “It means my Soul mate, my female Alpha, the one I have chosen to be my equal, obviously I made the wrong choice” he explained. “Richard……. Wait… Listen let me explain…. I…” I tried to explained but he cut me off, “just go” he whispered. I took his coat and covered my unclothedness since I destroyed my dress during transformation. I looked back to see if he would change his mind but he looked away when I met his gaze. I ran to my car crying.
How could she do this to me, how could she?. I was beyond hurt and still licking my wounds when I strolled off to Dreamland. I dreamt this time, I found myself in a room similar to that of my cabin. Someone spoke but I couldn’t see who was talking. It was a female voice and it kept on repeating the same thing, “The prophecy is forked. It is not how you have interpreted it. You have made a grievous error and have played right into the hands of your enemy”. I woke up after the fifth repetition. What does it mean for a prophecy to be forked?.
I looked at the time, it was already past 7 in the morning. I quickly showered and found my way to school. Lucy didn’t come to school that day and I wondered why. I was in my office when Angel walked in and said we needed to see and talk. I Said I wasn’t interested but she said something that shook me to my bones. “The prophecy is forked, you fool and you have fvcked up big time. We meet outside town by 8. Don’t be late” she said and walked out.
P.S . So what do you guys think of Angel, is she Richard’s guardian angel or his true mate? Thanks for the wishes I am really swelled up by the Interest you all have showed in this story. Your comments and likes have been very helpful. Thanks again.

What the hell is going on, I just couldn’t fathom what just happened in my office a while ago. How is it possible Angel of all people had access to what I hear in my dreams, if she is the villain as she has been painted to be then I was freaking screwed but why is she asking to see me or is she trying to blackmail me? I just didn’t know where to start, what if she is trying to help? ,but her recent activities haven’t suggested such. I braced myself for whatever will happen and set off for our meeting.
I got there at least 30 minutes earlier, sniffed and checked for anything strange. I parked my car somewhere in the woods and waited for her. At exactly 8 prompt, she called and told me to jump into her racing car. What the hell, how did she expect me to do something like that? Except if she already knew what I was. I thought she was joking and remained where I was, soon a car zoomed past my hideout at about 80km/h. This girl is insane I said to myself as I ran after the car, she saw me but didn’t bother slowing down, instead she increased the speed, I increased mine, she seemed to notice and would increase hers. I decided to run out of sight, I ran through the woods instead and surprised her by coming out of nowhere and jumped into the passenger seat of the open roof car. “What were you hoping to accomplish with the senseless act you just made me do” I asked while trying to catch my breath. ” don’t you know that after the silly things you have been up to these days in the name of Love, I just had to punish you somehow ” she replied without even looking my way. I became angry, who does she think she is, talking to me like I am a child. “Who do you think you are talking to me in such manner” I asked visibly irritated. “Just keep quiet, and let me drive” she replied in the same rude tone. “Stop the car, I am going back, I am not going anywhere with someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of respect” I exclaimed out of frustration. She stopped the car and I jumped out. I was walking when I heard, “Richard Cypher, son of Isabella and John Mikaelson, come back.” she said. I stopped right in my tracks, is that what my parents were called? . “Get in, you have a lot to learn today” she said already starting the car.
The ride was quiet and then she suddenly turned to a path barely sizeable for a car. She continued driving and then stop when we got to a clearing. The clearing was big, really big but something seemed fishy about it. We got down from the car, and she walked for a while and stood just in front of the clearing. She brought out a knife, Drew her blood and let it drop to the ground before saying some words in an unknown language. A door suddenly appeared and she asked me to follow her. I followed and wondered why the secrecy just because of a conversation. The door led to a passage way, the lights came on as soon as we entered and it led us to a big living room. It was really beautiful and massive. She sat on a chair and I followed suit.
“Mind telling me why we had to leave civilization and come here just for a conversation” I asked while taking note of my surroundings. “” We needed complete isolation and protection from anyone who might listen including your Luna” she replied, gazing into my eyes. ” Lucy is not a threat, she loves me, thought I already told you this ” I said throwing my hands in the air. “oh she is and that’s why we are here, tell me everything that has transpired between you both since you arrive this town” she asked. “Why should I tell you?” I asked too. “Because I know about Daphne, so talk, we don’t have much time” she replied calmly with my mouth agape.
Without wasting time, I relayed everything that took place; my first day in school, our first sex encounter, the ritual, study of the black book and all. After I was done, she looked at me and called me a fool. “How can you just trust someone you just met and barely know.” she asked with her nose flaring . “She didn’t hide anything from me, and I know her more than I do know you. If she kept anything from me, our ritual won’t work, but it did so…” I replied her. “You still don’t get it, every magic has loopholes and she used that against you. All she had to do was tell you half truths and once you believe, all is done” she said, “look” she continued, “I know you don’t know much about me so let me explain everything “. ” you have been watched since you were a kid, when you joined the army , when you first turned, when you fell in love for the first time, when you laid at the death bed OF Daphne, when you ran to this town. Do you think your meeting me at the pub that night was a mistake? ,do you think my talk of Mr Dean’s death was a mistake? It was deliberate so that you would come work in my school, do you think the issue with Jason was about some dumb competition killing? Do you think your dream the first day you came here was a mistake. You have never had a dream like that before, right? . It was suppose to be a guide, a warning not to fall into their trap, but instead you walked right into it. Lucy is engaged to Damien and she won’t marry another. Elite vampires marry the elite, that’s the way it’s been all this while. You think she will go against her dad because of a cute stranger, you think she will agree with you just like that to destroy her kind, her family? Please, Richard, think. Why do you think she knows about that demonic language of that book, why do you keep waking up with cuts by your arm whenever she sleeps at your place. She has been reading the book without you knowing and waiting patiently for her dad to come home and relay everything to him so that she can win his trust back. This is what it’s been all about that, winning his trust after what happened with Dean. You have been a tool for her to know more about your kind. Her dad has been searching for you for decades, he knew he didn’t finish the job of decades ago when he slaughtered your parents and has been killing and torturing witches in order to find you. Lucy was able to break down a witch some years back who revealed an incomplete prophecy. You were suppose to use her to destroy her family but now it’s the other way round. She is gonna use you now to destroy your kind finally. Her dad killed your parents without knowing much about their powers and abilities. Now, he will know that through her, Lucy has always been about pleasing her father. You must therefore break the silly bond you created with her else you will have nothing to hide from her and will be a dead man in a month time when her dad returns. You can break the bond by selecting another mate your wolf not you wants. Your wolf does the selecting and not you, that’s why your wolf never liked her from the start. After that you must create your army, because whether you like it or not, from the day you came in here,you have beaten the drums of war so you must prepare for it. This mansion will be your safe haven. It has been blocked from everyone including vampires and werewolves. Only a witch can open that door and a selected few. You come here and train your kind, but you must break that bond quickly. “she concluded her long speech.
” Who are you and what’s in it for you “I said because I still didn’t believe her.” My Dad was the Leader of our village then, he and Lucy’s dad were brothers, when George was ten, a beautiful black female slave was brought in, George instantly fell in love with her but she loved another. George did all he could to win her heart but he didn’t succeed. Soon, Your father’s dad bought her from George’s dad and then the marriage took place, ever since then George has resented your family. So, he was more than willing to be the experiment of some dark witches, he wanted the power to match that of your parents after they took in the beast. But he didn’t know both beasts were at war, and the beast within him took advantage of that dark desire to push him to kill your parents. But you lived thanks to his wife, and now if you’re not careful, his daughter will end you too. I was twenty when I was turned as a consolation gift by my uncle. I am the daughter of Eric Keller, Elder brother of George Keller. My dad died of poisoning but I knew it was my uncle who did it because his thirst for power knew no bounds. Ever since then I dived into witchcraft to get my revenge but he became more and more powerful and couldn’t be stopped until we heard of you. “she said already crying.
” I am sorry about what happened to your dad, but how can you practice magic since you are already dead “I asked.” I practice blood magic since I am already dead “she replied.
I was amazed by what I have heard and listened to but I just still couldn’t believe I was this foolish . She was really crying now,” please do what’s necessary and pretend like all is well, do not let her know of what happened today, and until you Break the bond, we meet here every night so that we can talk without her knowing. I am sorry about my rude words the other time, I was just disappointed by your judgements because I heard you were very smart. “she said amid tears.
” it’s alright, I will comply, clean your tears, together we will get vengeance and justice “I said with so much conviction. The moment I said that, my wolf leap within me out of joy. That’s strange, it has never done that before. I need to make amends for my stupidity. Women have always been the bane of men and I was almost gonna be the next victim.

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