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The joy on Richard’s face was priceless and it was one of those memories I would cherish forever. He was a caring man and boy, i was lucky to have him. School went normal, nothing special. I got home, I meant Richard’s Cabin, it’s kinda my new home now. I decided to cook something in his little kitchen, although he will have to build something much bigger than this, a matter we will discuss later. He came from school and kissed me. I told him about Jason and the way he stared at me after been able to see through the mist. Richard Said no sane man would look at me and not keep his head in that same direction, I laughed and it’s been a while I did that .
We ate the spaghetti I cooked and I watched him lick every straw off the plate. He winked at me and gave me an air kiss,he was so irresistible. While I was washing the plates, he surprised me by tickling me from the back and carried me to the bed. We teased and threw pillows at ourselves and later settled on the bed.
He brought up the idea of reading the black book. So I got a cup and a knife. He drew both our blood, mixed them and then use a little brush to read the text while I translated. We found what we were looking for, my exorcism instructions. I read out every single sentence to him,all we needed was ; holy water, a shovel to dig a hole of 3ft which I would stand over, a knife and Richard would read some texts from the book, and finally he would stab me in the heart with a knife laced with Holy water. He looked and said he couldn’t do that. But I urged him to have courage and do what was necessary or it would mean my death. I was to get the materials needed after school.
I just couldn’t do it, Stab Lucy,no way in hell I was gonna do that. She urged me to or it would mean her death. I agreed and decided to do it. After school, we came home to my cabin, rested and decided to sleep and wake by 11:30pm. An alarm was set for that time.
The alarm went off at exactly 11:30pm. We took the materials needed and headed for the 3ft hole which I dug earlier. I drew a circle of 15cm radius with a white chalk around the circle and asked Lucy to stay on top of the hole inside the circle. I drenched her with holy water and brought the book reciting the words Lucy translated earlier from the book: THERE IS A HOME FOR EVERYTHING AND A VESSEL FOR EVERY BEAST. THE SPIRIT OF A MAN CAN ALLOW THE INHABITANCE OF A BEAST WITHIN HIM BUT ONLY ON THE MAN’S CHOICE. THEREFORE DEMON, THIS VESSEL DOESN’T WANT YOU IN IT NO MORE, SO AS I PIERCE THIS HEART WITH THIS KNIFE, LEAVE AND RETURN TO YOUR HOME IN THE UNDERWORLD “I concluded with the demon in Lucy blabbing some nonsense I didn’t understand, haven laced the knife with holy water, I entered the circle , but as soon as I entered the circle, Lucy grabbed me and tried to remove the knife from my hand. I fought her off and pierced her heart with it. She screamed and then something like a bat left her screaming mouth. I was happy the exorcism worked, but Lucy fell to the ground and didn’t move again. Her pulse stopped and she laid lifeless in front of me. I waited, 5 minutes, 10 minutes but nothing. She didn’t move and was becoming pale. I became afraid and asked myself if I had just killed my soul mate.

Fifteen minutes had gone and still no movement from her. I couldn’t tell if I was mad, nervous or sunken in regret. She was getting more pale by the minute, suddenly out of desperation I slammed her chest and screamed, ” wake up Lucy, goddammit!!”.
She jerked and coughed her way came back to life. I didn’t know who to thank this time, I just looked up into the heavens and blessed whatever god was looking down on us as I carried her and took her home.
She didn’t look fine and she was having some fever but her heart was beating fine and her system was OK. She also hadn’t spoken a word, all she did was look at me and close her eyes thereafter. She would open them again and look at me and smile, then close them again. I had never seen such symptoms before and all I could do was just hope she would be okay.
This went on till morning and I decided to call the school and tell them both I and Lucy won’t be coming today which the headmistress agreed on. She finally slept by 6am and all I could was watch her hoping for the best.
P. S – Sorry, it’s a bit short but am on way to church now, will update after church. Despite the Plagiarism, I just want you guys know that I am not moved, I started this story in the first place to entertain you guys – My fans. I have started and I will finish the story. Thanks for following, reading and for the comments and likes. See you guys after church.

I became tired of looking at her sleep and decided to cook something in case she wakes and demands for food. I prepared apple pie because that was the recipe only I knew how to cook. I cleaned up the house and answered some calls from worried friends and colleagues.
When it was 13:20,she woke up, she looked at me for about 10 minutes before saying good afternoon after looking away from me and look at the clock. I smiled and asked about her health.
She said she couldn’t really get herself, it was like she was here and here, she said she was actually lost and wasn’t sure she was still in this world. I walked up to her and told her I had never been this scared since my first transformation when I saw her lifeless on the floor. I later described what happened during the ritual and after I Pierced her heart. With tears running down my cheeks, I urged her never to put me in such a situation, where I would have to do what I did. She nodded her agreement while cleaning my tears.
“I feel human, Richard I can’t believe I am free, I am human now!!!!!!” she screamed. She was so happy, I told her to sit while I bring something for her to eat. She looked surprised, and I gave a wink. While she ate, I told her, her wolf would come out during the next fifteen days so she should keep count. She said she was OK with that and couldn’t wait for her first transformation. After eating, I teased her till she slept again. I took my mind off her while I counted the days to Jason’s first transformation.
Each day that passes, I discover new abilities that have come with the bite of six nights ago. I can hear and smell from almost a mile out. It was freaking cool. I can jump more than 60feet without breaking anything in me. I could break walls, Crack rocks and bend metal. The one which freaks me out amidst all of these abilities was that the fact that I heal almost immediately. I am practically invisible and I couldn’t wait for our next game against those mitches.
Days went by really fast, I was a star among the team members now, did I say I am now twenty times faster than I was before, only I and Coach knew what changed. Chelsea kept disturbing me, always referring to our break-up sex. She wanted another chance but I wasn’t interested, not now,not ever.
On the fifteenth day, I followed Mr Richard’s instructions, he asked me to come to the woods when it was close to midnight and make sure no one followed me and he made mention of me coming with a set of clothes. I arrived the woods at about 23:42 and waited for him. I waited and when it was close to midnight and I didn’t see him, I decided to leave when I suddenly heard someone drop from a tree behind me. I turned around and I saw him beckoning me to follow him. Gosh! This man was so creepy, so he has been watching me all this while. He lead me to an open ground that I didn’t know existed in this thick woods. He looked at me and said brace yourself for the pains. What does he mean by that? “Jason, I Alpha and creator of your kind ask your wolf to Come out and complete the MAN and WOLF synergy!” he suddenly said. What does he mean by these poetic gibberish. Before I could think it out, my body started moving on its own, I couldn’t control it. Fur replaced my white skin, fangs came out of my teeth, my legs twisted and that’s when the pains started because my bones were literally breaking. I was forced to bend down on all fours as my spinal cord cracked and took a new shape. I almost passed out from the pains , I screamed and screamed till nothing came out of my mouth when I screamed. All this while, Mr Richard was just looking at me, what a wicked, vile man, look what he did to me. After a while, the pain stopped and I was on all fours, a real wolf.
My fur was brown with some blacks here and there. I was huge, and I knew I wasn’t a normal wolf. I was tall too and my head reached Mr Richard ‘s shoulders. I was angry for him just looking at me, so I snapped at him, he just chuckled, that just me madder, I snapped again and he laughed this time. I decided to give some bite marks that would teach a lesson. I ran to bite him, he ran away from me. Jeez! He was fast. I picked up speed but the closer I got to him, the farther he got from him. It became clear he was teasing me and actually teaching me to run and control my wolf. It was great, I ran and jumped and howled to the beautiful dark skies. He finally stopped and started taking off his clothes, um what was he doing? After doing that, he twirled in the air and landed a wolf. Waoh! That was fvcking fast. If I thought I was big, then I was a child to this wolf in front of me, literally. It was massive and it’s eyes were glowing red. It was fvcking tall and when it howled, I was forced to bow down because my knees seemed to give way out of fear. It spoke in some creepy voice and told me not to be afraid that he is the Alpha and my creator. He challenged me to a race with it, I was ready I told myself and told the Alpha by growling.
We took off! Despite its size, It was amazingly fast, too fast this time. I couldn’t even see it sometimes and by the time we ended the race, I had lost with a huge margin. Well, this was my first time though and even though I was angry earlier , I enjoyed every bit of it, being a wolf was the coolest thing ever.
Mr Richard changed to human, I tried but I couldn’t. He looked at me and noticed my displeasure and told me to think of myself as human again. So I remembered my funny face and immediately my body started changing and yes, I screamed again while Mr Richard didn’t even say anything when he changed. After countless screaming, I managed to stand up and thanked Mr Richard. He told me it was nothing but that I needed to transform more often to reduce the screams and pains. He told me, “As my second creation, You are my Beta.” what does that mean again, he said I was his second, who then was the first I pondered.

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