The Last Wolf: Chapter 1

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I had barely left the building when I heard another deafening scream,this time another voice. Another love peddler must have seen one of her colleagues in a pale state… I had to leave town quickly.
I knew that the next point of call was an ambulance and then the police will get involved. Though I knew that no one would believe her story of been attacked by a wolf like man but the claw marks is another story.
Quickly I raced down to my isolated cabin in the woods Close to the inter-state road, took my bag and put in some of my belongings : a fake passport, some clothes and a huge book which I haven’t still learnt how to read the text therein.
I couldn’t use public transport since I might be wanted for physically assaulting a woman. I had to run using my other limbs. I pulled off my clothes, and called out my other half. I was big, too big for a normal wolf, so I transform only at night since my black fur could easily blend in with the night, by the time I was through with my transformation, I was standing at 5ft 4. I stretched out and howled into the dark sky telling every creature that the king was coming through.

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