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He just pierced my heart, oh my God!!! The pain was beyond pain itself, nothing could possibly describe it. But something had left me when I screamed but at the same time I was leaving this world as my heart was failing me. As I took my last breath I saw Richard carefully lay me down across the hole as my heart seemingly stopped. The whole place was dark and then light suddenly appeared from nowhere and I found myself looking at some naming of sorts.
A white man and a beautiful black woman were seated as the man wrapped his arms around the woman, they looked like a couple as the woman held something wrapped in fine wool, the thing suddenly kicked, it was then I discovered it was a baby within the wool. They played with their new child but the joy didn’t last long as the man suddenly stood up and said, “Isabella, move to the basement quickly, do not come out until I ask you to, now move!!!” the woman obeyed without questions but she didn’t stay for long when she suddenly heard her husband screaming, she then took a note and I saw her write, “Little baby, you shall be called Richard and will deliver this world from this plague”, she kept the note beside the baby, she kissed the baby one last time and said, “we will meet again”. But that didn’t happen as the woman obviously didn’t come back. I heard a voice say, “destroy everything, make it look like a bulgary”. I shivered where I was as tears poured freely from my eyes, that was the unmistakable voice of George Keller – My father.
With that, I woke up coughing after someone seemed to have slammed me back to reality. I was scared and I just couldn’t tell Richard what I saw, how his parents were gruesomely murdered by my dad, I just couldn’t tell him because I was ashamed of my father’s acts.
Richard begged me never to put him in such a situation again where he would have to kill me, but that wasn’t my problem now. I just nodded as he cried of him seeing me return to life. He later told me during the day that I had fifteen days counting from today to make my first transformation. I was happy because unlike before It didn’t feel like anything was in me, I felt whole and complete, something I had experienced before, I felt human and I screamed my joy about it. I ate his apple pie and I felt every crumb, every pick, I could smell every ingredient used in preparing the pie and all were in their right proportions . It felt wonderful.
The days that followed quickly became the best days of my life, I could look at people; men, children and women even animals without having to fight the urge to drink them dry. I played freely with kids, I saw humans for who they were, creatures freely living their lives without any fear or burden.
Despite all these, I knew there would be repercussions for what I did and a visibly difference in my lifestyle that will spring up suspicions. It didn’t take long before Angel the blue-eyed Bittch who has slept with every hot guy in Aidenville’s high. We usually go for blood hunting together but since my exorcism, I have avoided her like a plague. She noticed and have been asking why, I had no answer to give, I couldn’t tell her I had found a new companion, since she hated competition so I had to use Jason as a way out, using the fact that I have been checking on him and helping him overcome the fear that has enveloped him since his injury. Whether she believed me or not, I didn’t care, I just wanted her off my back.

I got home that night tired and hungry. I took a can of dew and drank myself silly, but you don’t get drunk taking sugar. I was just overwhelmed by everything that took place this night. I stopped my belief in the supernatural after my parents who were staunch Catholics died and their God wasn’t there to save them. But what I saw some few minutes ago changed my orientation. I had a wolf living in me, it’s creator spoke to me and I wonder if mine could talk too. What does beta mean by the way? I slept off thinking about this.
I got to school the next day to find Chelsea waiting for me at my desk, she said all kinds of shittt but I just didn’t care, even called me an orphan and what, she expected me to take her back after spitting such. For some reason that day, I had this feeling that someone was watching me, I wasn’t myself that day, even while going home, the feeling continued. I couldn’t go to the woods as planned to change since I was wasn’t sure if I was being followed or not. This went on for about four days, I just didn’t know where to start looking for the person and I had to applaud the fellow for being good. I decided to pretend to leave the house one night, I was sure I would be followed and I will use the smell of the person to catch him. I walked straight and I could hear steps following me steadily, I didn’t turn to see this time, I then moved to the alley at the back of my building and then hide behind a dustbin and waited. The footsteps reached the beginning of the alley, didn’t see me again and then I thought it would go away but instead started walking towards where I hid myself. I just smiled and waited, just as it approached the end of the dustbin, I quickly got up and jumped into the person. The person was wearing a hood, tried struggling with me but was no match for my new strength. I took both arms and held them behind the fellow’s back and used my other arm to try and choke the stalker . The choking didn’t seem to work, which was weird and then I decided to threaten, “tell me who you are before I rip you into shreds”. The person laughed, actually a woman laughed, a woman was stalking me, why? “such boastful words for a human, you can try though because I actually came here for a fight that would mean your death” she said with so much conviction.
Such words From a human, who the hell is this woman, calling me human, isn’t she human too? She struggled with me for her release, she was strong but I was stronger, I held her that way and led her to my apartment. I locked the door, sat her down and then confronted her. “Well, you are in my apartment now, so no need to stalk me anymore, mind telling me who you are?” I asked her as she seemed settled on my couch.
Such strength from a teenager, he isn’t even big, how come is he so strong?, regardless he brought me to his apartment which made my work even easier.
Lucy has been behaving strangely lately, she is always missing during our blood raid, she doesn’t pick my calls anymore, she doesn’t talk to me, she just avoids me now like I am kinda a disease or something . Something has been up with her since Mr Dean came to our school, she is more into humans now than her own kind. I thought after Damien took care of the silly Human, she would come to her senses but instead it seems to have pushed her into it and even strain her relationship with Damien. I can’t believe she called it quit with him, Damien is one of the hottest men I have ever come across and I have forever been envious of her, and she suddenly says it’s over between them just because of a dead human. Something was up, and if I didn’t know better, I would say she was seeing someone but definitely not this little kid. When she told me the other day that it’s because of his injury that she has been unable to accompany me to our raids, I knew something was up. The kid was a decoy to someone else and I have been stalking him to find out who.
The kid is cute though, with his strange aqua eyes and blonde hair, he sure looks gay maybe that’s why he doesn’t know how to approach a lady. He even had the nerve to spit he would tear me to shreds if only he knew who I was.
I was one of the first vampires, a cousin to the first Vampire, and therefore I had my own special gift , I was the fastest amidst the rest and therefore one of the most dangerous. But, he was quick, fast and he used his strength to overcome me, which was impossible for any human to do. Who the hell was this guy, I needed to find out fast.
He sat me down and asked who I was and he foolishly expects me to answer him. I didn’t answer him, confident that the mist would cloud his vision and see me as a middle age woman. But that didn’t seem to work, because he screamed the next time he asked again, “who the hell are you young lady, I won’t ask again!!!” No shiiitt, did his eyes just glow, nah I am just seeing things.
I still refused to answer him, he shook his head and said, “I tried to be the gentleman, now you won’t like who will be coming”. What’s he talking about, who is coming? He picked up his phone and dialled a number saying, “Hey coach, found a stalker in my apartment, she won’t talk and I don’t know what to do, I am new at this, please kindly come…….. Alright, I am grateful” he finished with the call and looked my way and said, “you are in real shitt now” with that disgusting smirk you see on youths nowadays. I had other issues now though, who is coming and what’s so special about him, or is it the guy that Lucy is dating now that she used this Jason kid as decoy to cover him. I will find out soon enough, I just have to wait.

Lucy has become a bit distanced from me. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that she is getting used to being more human or she is hiding something, I couldn’t really tell. But whatever it was, it was slowly killing the early joy we had. The day for Jason’s transformation came, I texted him where to meet me but I decided to watch him and see if he was followed. After I was sure he wasn’t followed, I came down from my hiding place and called out his wolf. His screams and pain really pierced my heart, but I had to act like a true Alpha, no room for pity for any member of my pack. I think he was mad after his transformation because I didn’t do anything to calm him down, I used this fact to tease him and tease him until out of anger he came after me. The run with him was cool, and it helped in clearing my head from the little trouble I was having with Lucy. I later decided to transform to full wolf because he had to see his creator – his Alpha. There had to be a sense of fear whenever he sees me so that next time, he would think twice before coming after me. I howled after transforming and it felt good seeing him bow down before me, I felt godly and that is how it should be. We ran again and this time I showed him who was the boss. After the run, I told him he would be my Beta, although I didn’t tell what it means because I still had doubts about his capacity to lead a pack if I wasn’t around. I needed to test him and see if I Made the right choice.
I didn’t have to wait for long though, he called me some days later complaining about some woman whom he caught stalking him. It was late in the night and since Lucy didn’t sleep at my place that day , I decided to help my beta.
I heard a knock like 10minutes later, I didn’t have to wait for long then. Jason opened the door and there was the chemistry teacher, my latest crush standing in all his glory. Seriously can this man ever be ugly, he is always ravishing in whatever outfit he puts on. He came in, I smiled but he didn’t, I guess he wasn’t happy about the fact that I was his school kid stalker.
“Hey Angel, what’s up” he greeted in his usual way. But I didn’t reply, “what’s with you, you’re angry with me, huh? ” he asked as he moved closer to my face. Fvck, why does he have to be so cute, I just couldn’t resist kissing him with him this close to me. And I didn’t, I went for his lips, they were firm and soft, I took his tongue in mine and was about starting the rolling game before he removed his lips from mine saying that he had a girlfriend. Who cares, and if it weren’t for Jason, I would continued because I knew he wanted me. Anyway, I have tasted those lips, I will taste his rooster too.
I decided to play nice and told him that Jason was competing with me for Lucy’s night time and since I hated competition, I decided to pay him a visit but it’s now obvious it isn’t him, something or someone else was taking Lucy from me, and I had every intention to find out who or what it was. I stood up and told the little kid never to threaten me again, else I would remove his heart and feed it to him, I twirl my tongue around Mr Richard ears and whispered, “I will have you to myself”, with that I left the small hell the kid called an apartment.
But I left with so many questions, how is that the mist doesn’t work on them and they are able to see my true face, this is one serious problem because first it was Mr Dean, now Jason and the Chemistry teacher. Although I wasn’t gonna allow any harm befall Mr Richard but still I need to know who they really are. He said he has a girlfriend, I am going to find out who and of course have a discussion with Lucy on why she lied to me and made me embarrass myself tonight, although the chemistry teacher made up for it, oh those lips, no woman will drag that with me, no one.
I decided not to visit Richard today because I fear that I would be followed by that crazy obsessive girl. But I soon became bored at home, my thoughts were just on Richard and I felt bad hiding something from him. I couldn’t take the guilt no more and decided to visit him and tell him.
I got into my car and zoomed off, I was on the road that leads out of town when I saw Richard Park and came down from his dilapidated pick up he just got some days ago. He seemed to be in a hurry as he ran into a building which was actually Jason’s house, was something wrong with him? Did Jason wolf out in public? I parked my car and came down . I decided against going into the house and preferred to watch from outside since Jason’s house was a little bungalow and the Windows were opened. Richard came in and started questioning someone, I couldn’t really see who it was but he was too close to the person. Out of nowhere, the person went for Richard’s lips and they kissed for a while before Richard disengaged. In the process the person’s hood fell off and it was no other person but Angel. I was mad with rage and wanted to go in and let out my rage on that cheap bittch, can’t she just stay with one guy, but I was more disappointed in Richard. I left there and went back home crying.

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