Introducing Global Saturdays

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Dear Runners,

We want to introduce a programme called “Global Saturday”.
This programme is designed to host questions about Global Runs story, starting from Season One to the latest season. It will also help to answer many questions about Europe and test your knowledge about the Wonderful Continent.

I will be posting questions every hour, starting from 10am to 4pm.

By 5pm, results will be sorted and whoever answered the most questions correctly will be rewarded with recharge card of his or her choice.

This recharge card doesn’t mean that you can’t afford it on your own; it will just serve as part of the fun.

We will start ‘Global Saturday’ by Saturday June 7.

We will still be posting our regular updates on Saturdays.

Thanks for being a Runner.�

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7 Responses

  1. Wahoo,Zuby dey make my head swell with Ideas.Ride on Man..FTC all the way

  2. Zacchaeus

    That’ll be very interesting!

  3. Count me in man…we need stuffs like dis to spice our beloved site up

  4. horlabiyi

    Can’t Wait

  5. akarolo

    Wait oh!!!! Does it mean we have to go back to reading seasons 1-7 to b able to answer?

  6. numero uuuno

    weldone man,nice one

  7. Quinine

    It will b so fun…

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