Increase vocational content in basic curricula, Pearson tells FG

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Pearson has called for the increase of vocational contents in the national basic education curricula to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among Nigeria’s young people and secure the country’s long-term growth and prosperity.
According to Muhtar Bakare, Pearson’s Managing Director in Nigeria, Developing vocational skills and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the education system could make a real difference to Nigeria’s economic and social outlook.
Mr. Bakare believes that along with entrenching a range of relevant vocational skills within the economy, improving the entrepreneurship skills of a population has been closely linked to poverty reduction as well as improved economic growth, productivity and employment rates.
In a release, he noted that the economic success of Malaysia and other East Asian economic ‘tigers’ is often attributed, in part, to the emphasis placed on vocational skills and entrepreneurship by governments and education providers.
‘’Vocational education and entrepreneurship are encouraged by major international organisations, including the World Bank and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), for their role in reducing poverty and empowering disenfranchised members of the community, such as women and young people,” he noted.
Bakare who disclosed that nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, at a scalable level, amongst Nigeria’s youth could have significant benefits for the country, said it will also reduced youth unemployment and improved standards of living.
He said: “As we look to improve our education system, we need to be focusing on providing our learners with the skills they need to encourage long-term prosperity and success in a 21st century business and employment environment.
‘’Creating an entrepreneurial culture amongst our current generation of school students will have future benefits for Nigerian communities, both social and economically, as these students become the business owners, employers and leaders of the future. ‘’Students need the functional skills and the inspiration to put innovative ideas into practice and make new innovations financially viable”

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