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As a result of your encouragement, I ignored so many things I was doing and concentrated on this new adventure.
Although it didn’t put food on my table but it made new friends for me and improved my writing skills tremendously.

We are about to end Season 9 and start Season 10.

Season 10 happened in Nigeria and some West African countries, I even traveled to East Africa. We are going to start running in a familiar territory where you know very well.

Season 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 will cover more than three years of running.
One thing we are sure going to get is the thrilling Suspense and actions that are associated with the way I present the stories, the girls, the near death experiences etc.

As a result of the high risks and matured contents that will accompany Season 10, 11, 12, 13 and so on, the management of Global Runs have decided that each New Season will be closed to the public.
Season 1 to 7 will remain open for now and so is the General News Category.

But before you read the new updates, you must be registered and logged in.

Well Logging in is just the first step.
We have decided that Readers will start subscribing to read our stories.
We have hired editors to work on our previous works and they advised that we close the entire site down. But because we started running together, I decided that I will open it but at a small fee.

It is not going to cost much, Just the normal recharge card Worth you buy everyday.
It will be on monthly or Quarterly basis, depending on what you chose.

The truth is that this will encourage us to write more.

Our database is growing and we need to start paying for hosting, probably a dedicated server; Global Runs will pay for itself.

Global Runs deserves a Laptop of its own too, it has grown past writing with a phone and we will produce more contents for its Fans with a bigger machine. Don’t concentrate on me, lean more on the side of the website.

Season 9 will soon be Protected and only Members with Level 1 Access and above can read new Updates.
Season 10, which will kick off immediately after Season 9 and will also be highly protected.

Every registered member is automatically assigned to Level #0.
If you don’t have access to Season 9, there is nothing you can do except to contact the Global Runs Management through

Whatsapp or Text Message on (+234) 08162894984.
Or email –

Use the below methods to pay or contact us for other methods.
After payment, send us your details and we upgrade your membership level Manually.

Our Subscription prices are.

1 Month – N500 or $3.10.

2 Months – N970 or $6.00

3 Months – N1400 or $8.70

This prices are subject to change after our promo period. But it won’t affect the already subscribed members.

The first 100 people will be upgraded to level #2 where they will have access to updates before it goes online.

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