How to use mtn night plan during the day

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MTN night plan seems to be the best
data plan to opt for now after all VPN
were blocked and Airtel BIS seems to
be Too Slow on non blackberry
The MTN Night plan which gives 3GB
of data plus a bonus data of 1.5GB
goes for only 2500 Naira but note how
it works because you can only use
1.5GB data bonus in the day and the
bonus will be the first to be used up
before the original 3GB plan which
will now ONLY work in the night from
9PM to 6AM.
To Subscribe Recharge the Sum of
N2,500 On your MTN Sim and Send
102 to 131 or simply dial *102# Well I
am Not Here for any story Just want
to Enlighten You on How to Use Your
Night Plan Gig At Your Own
Confinient Time without waiting till
9PM Every day..
In this Post, I’ll be Droping to Simple
Steps On How To Make Use Of Your
Night Plan Any time You Like..
How Can I Use MTN Night Plan Any
Time I wish To (Method 1) This Is
Very Simple and It does Not require
any Techniqal Idea buh Term and
Condition Is Applied To This so Read
All You Have To Do Is to connect with
Your PC before 6:00 AM, Keep on
Browsing till 5Mins Past 6:00AM
Then You are Free To Browse Without
MTN Restricting You from Browsing
till 9:00PM As Usual..
WARNING:Disadvantages of Using
This Method is that You Must Not
Disconnent Your Modem once You Do
That You wnt be chance To Browse
again till 9:00PM Again But You can
Repeat The Same Step the Following

How Can I Use MTN Night Plan Any
Time I wish To (Method 2)
Configure Your Modem as Follow:
Configuration name: Mtn ICT
Username: empty
Password: empty
Download and extract the below
package to a new folder on your
Desktop background Download it
Open the file you extract them to,
double- click “SimpleServer.exe”and
make sure is always on open. See
Image Bellow:
Configure Your Mozilla Firefox as
follows; IP:
PORT: 8080
After That You Are Set To use Your
MTN Night Plan any time You Like
and Good Thing about this Is that You
Can Disconent it and Connect it any
time You Like…

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