How to get first-page ranking on Google

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What are the secrets to Google first page ranking? What is the search engine optimisation hiding?

Google ranking depends on a lot of factors, but one of them is the quantity and quality of the content on your website.

If your website has a lot of content already – ranging from the About Us page to the content on your home page – the potential to rank your web pages and website as a whole is easy.

But then, there are other forms of contents that you can use to give your website a boost on the first page of any search engine of your choice.

Most times, when people think about content, they think of blog posts. Since almost all your competitors have blogs, the way to rise above them is to produce much more than sporadic blog posts.

The secret is to look at blogging from another perspective – content creation.

As a business, content creation is the process of producing materials that will educate, entertain and inform your customers.

The ultimate aim is simple: Make your website a-go-to for the information your target audience want. Establish yourself as an authority. Build trust and ultimately the sales will come.

Just before you get carried away, when seeking to promote your business online, it goes way beyond producing more content creation. It goes beyond link-building or even SEM.

Content creation should be part of a larger online marketing campaign used to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to sell more of whatever product you have on the shelf. When you start creating more content and your website becomes more discoverable, it is important to know that people will become customers when you can fulfill their needs all the time.

If content creation can help you increase your brand’s visibility and you are ready to rise above the noise, what are the kinds of content should you invest in creating?


I simply love infographics! By their simple nature, infographics are links-attracting magnets. When done perfectly, it can lead to scores of links. The aim of any infographic is to present complex data in an easy-to-understand form. While most infographics are statistics, you can raise the bar by creating an animated infographics.


Do you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google? On any single day, over four billion people visit the video website. This means it holds the potential to drive traffic and help rank a webpage when done properly.

The secret to ranking high with videos is not only in the production videos; it is in the production of high­-engaging videos, probably higher, such that people want to watch again and again.

Videos can be a secret to ranking any content where only the text version dominates the Search Engine Result Page.


E-books are a great way to generate leads. Leads are especially important if you are a service or SaaS company. And e-books are generally easy to generate. All you need do is take a series of your blog posts that centre on a particular theme.

E-book does not need to be long. It can range from just 700 words to a massive 70,000 words. The secret here is to make sure that you create as many e-books as possible and then combine it into a massive one-page collection of e-books for that problem.


Ever seen testimonials on website? Case studies are an advanced form of presenting customers’ testimonies. Instead of getting just quotes from satisfied customers, you can actually present a complete case study of how your services or product has been able to make or solve one of your client’s challenges.

Immediately you have series of case studies, you can combine it into a single page with various links and make it one massive compilation of case studies. Who would not want to link to that?


Directories used to be the gold mine for higher ranking in the past. The normal strategy used in the past was to submit your website to thousands of directories. The strategy no longer works. Despite this, directories can still be used to dominate SERP. Now, instead of looking for directories to submit your website to, why not become that directory?

Imagine you own a barbing salon and you want to dominate the SERP for the keyword “best barbing salon in Lagos.” Why not create a directory of barbing salons in Lagos?

Not only will you get traffic, it can also bring you tons of links.

Content creation is one part of a complex content marketing campaign.

And in every content creation process, the first question to ask is: what content can we create that will give us a competitive advantage?

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