How Sunday Mba Cursed Keshi

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How Sunday Mba cursed Stephen Keshi.


One of our correspond recently stumbled on Sunday Mba in France.


Mba who plays for CA Bastia in France revealed how he cursed Stephen Keshi for dropping him from the World Cup Squad.


“I scored the goal that gave him the African Nations Cup in South Africa 2013. It was true that i came a little late to the world cup camp but he knew it wasn’t my fault. The embassy was delaying my papers because it wasn’t a simple task. I was supposed to be given a Visa that will cover our travel from Britain to The United States. England would not drop Rooney or Lampard for a day late coming” He lamented.


Mba said that he had no option but to curse Keshi out of anger.


“He will never have a good contract again” Mba Said.


He went on to say that it was out of anger and disappointment.

He said he has forgiven Keshi and has prayed for the Curse to be lifted.


He hopes to return to the Super Eagles very soon.


As we can recall, Sunday Mba was a prominent member of the 2013 AFCON Champions in South Africa. He was dubiously dropped out of the World Cup Squad to the amazement and anger of Nigerian football fans.

Coach Stephen Keshi went on to replace him with below average players who flopped at the Brazil 2014 World Cup.


Kenneth Eze,

Writing from France.

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