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We have a simple question that required a simple answer from our fans.
Please tell us how you found about Life on the Run. I and most of us started from Nairaland but i am sure there are people who also found us through other channels.
This will help us to achieve some of our goals..

How did you come across Life on the Run?.

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153 Responses

  1. Nairaland thing

  2. Nairaland

  3. soendowed


  4. papindinho


  5. Nairaland via this corper escapade hmm I forgot his name.

  6. Nairaland

  7. lightbearer

    Nairaland! Cheers!

  8. bissiejoe

    Nairaland o.i was searching for nigerian student life in cottbus and came across ur post as you took ur assylum there…and ever since then,i have never looked back. More power to ur elbow Zubby

  9. chiichii2010

    Nairaland,uncle zuby weldone

  10. Anonymous



  12. Nairaland of course

  13. nairaland

  14. Nairaland

  15. Nairaland.

  16. Zacchaeus


  17. Nairaland

  18. NL

  19. Nairaland too.

  20. Papoo Owoh

    Nairaland I followed you from the begining here we are!!

  21. Nairaland

  22. Nairaland

  23. Nairaland

  24. Sexy Sapphire


  25. Nairaland

  26. Nairaland

  27. jerryidoko


  28. Facebook

  29. meexteeriox


  30. Afam odogwu


  31. Nairaland cheers my master.

  32. Corpspissed

    Nl courtesy of Oga Seun 😎

  33. jonnyanichi


  34. jonnyanichi


  35. Nairaland sexuality section

  36. Nairaland

  37. Zini Zara


  38. NL

  39. Seems everybody came from Nairaland.

  40. joker5180


  41. Nairaland oooooo

  42. NL

  43. 9raland

  44. capuchino


  45. legend of the fuckers to there and back on NL

  46. dandollaz

    Legend of the fuckers in NL

  47. Danyyoung23

    U are doing gud job here nd i acknowledge ur job. Hw i wish u can be summarizing instead of d long tins. I ve join since narialand days

  48. Nairaland…Right from the day you started the thread in NL

  49. Chinedumo

    Zubby has to settle Oga Seun o.

    Nairaland is like the greatest bedrock so far.

  50. Nairaland

  51. Nairaland

  52. Nairaland

  53. mikeywise


  54. Legend Of The Fuckers,Nairaland.i was ryt dae when Comrade Mazi Omenuko comfirm u to try and open up ur own tread on Nairaland.i called u ones when i frm Aba visit Onitsha.although i didnt make it coming to see u.u ar my hero sir.Legend Of The Fuckers,Nairaland.i was ryt dae when Comrade Mazi Omenuko comfirm u to try and open up ur own tread on Nairaland.i called u ones when i frm Aba visit Onitsha.although i didnt make it coming to see u.u ar my hero sir.

  55. Nairaland

  56. Nairaland …since ‘legend of the fuckers thread’ to ‘there and back on time’ !

  57. Friend of mine

  58. was searching for china then I found zubby when his brother use transit visa to Germany

  59. was searching for china on Naira land then I found zubby when his brother use transit visa to Germany

  60. Nairaland all the way

  61. nairaland

  62. Zeinymira

    Nairaland on Mazi’s thread

  63. DeutschSprecher


  64. A colleague in my office introduced me to this blovel. Though he has been following you from nairaland. He told me I won’t be able to stop reading and here I found myself always waiting for the next update.

  65. nairaland

  66. Anonymous

    Bomber to bomber from nairaland

  67. Nairaland

  68. Nairalnad, Sexuality section, in Romance section precisely

  69. nairaland and ve been following

  70. Bomber to bomber from nairaland

  71. nairaland

  72. Nairaland

  73. I started 4rm nairaland, following u like……

  74. Nairaland

  75. Nairaland

  76. from a nairlander

  77. Nairaland!


  79. Nairaland

  80. Legend Of The Fuckers,Nairaland.i was on mazi thread the day the idea of ur own thread was advised……

    Seun should b given a bountiful acknowledgement for his avenue which gave birth to this big project here

    God bless seun
    God bless that Mod that hide ur update
    God bless mazi for dt concise advice
    God bless our service providers whu has hlp us with dat to follow u down here
    God bless our pocket bountiful for more credit
    God bless ZUBBY for diz thrilling thriller
    God bless ON THE RUN readers

  81. Nairaland

  82. from legend of the fuckers by mazi in nairaland

  83. via Nairaland.

  84. nairaland tinz. from the thread ‘ legend of the fuckerss’ and I havent looked back since then. from nl to gr site.

  85. from nairaland

  86. legend of the fuckers oooo….mazi thread nnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa LLLLLLLLLaaaaaaaNNNNNNNNNNdddddddddddddd !! Ur story is soooo facinating delicious and sweet like tom tom

  87. Nairaland

  88. Nairaland front page

  89. Nairaland from Mazi omenuko. A great fan of both

  90. Nairaland

  91. henry4lif

    NAIRALAND@a friend introduce it to me

  92. Nairaland via Mazi Omenuko’s thread

  93. Sunheri_145

    My husband introduced 2 me on nairaland 4rm legend of d fuckress 2 there and back on time 2 life on d run.

  94. nairaland after mazi_omenuko NYSC .

  95. Nairaland

  96. #teamNairaland……..started from the beginning

  97. TheOnionHead


  98. Nairaland all the way courtesy Mazi

  99. Nairaland

  100. Emmanuela


  101. nairaland.sexuality section…under a topic which read;”who is d best writer in this section?” where a guy criticised u on how u were just travelling around f88king babes.
    i picked interest instantly and serched for ur name- zubby77

  102. Nairaland

  103. Nairaland……since den i ve been followin u lik…touch n follow

  104. Naira land.

  105. Nairaland (legend of the fucker)

  106. Nairaland things! Gaaaan!

  107. Nairaland

  108. Nairaland

  109. solarmontero


  110. Nairaland immediately you post ur first chapter. I thought you were joking.

  111. Nairaland.

  112. Nairaland sexuality section

  113. Ryt frm ur first story in nairaland dwn to d day u opend ur thread,

  114. neotrinity


  115. nairaland

  116. horlabiyi

    From ” Legend Of The Fuckerrrrs ” By Mazi On NAIRALAND

  117. Nairaland sire

  118. nairaland

  119. Nairaland

  120. ayobami52

    Nairaland via legend of the furckers

  121. Nairaland all d way

  122. Crave4Stan


  123. nairaland
    and ever since i couldnt stay away actually i never wanted to

  124. Nairaland things ooo

  125. solidman59

    I came across life on the run on the sexuality section of

  126. waladade4luv

    team nairaland pls like dis comment….

  127. Zuby. You know that 99% of readers followed from Nairaland’ There and back on time. Stop all these distractions and continue your story. We are still following.

  128. Samsanyus

    Nairaland before you came here. And if you decide to move from here I’m following you bumper to bumper

  129. Being following right from Nairaland- Romance Section. Knew Zubby from Mazi Omenuko’s threads.

  130. kamistura



  132. Uncanny Genius


  133. Nairaland from Mazi omunezo’s thread. i don dey follow u for a long time oooo u suppose give me award. Remember am also one of the first on LOTR. Zubby and i from bumper to bumper.

  134. all d way from nairaland to facebook finally here

  135. from nairaland to facebook finally here

  136. Nairaland

  137. Mazi omenuko’s Legend of fvckers on Nairaland.

  138. From nairaland mazi’s thread

  139. Zubby let me remind you how it all started,
    it started with Mazis thread last year

  140. Anonymous

    Legend of the furckers, nairaland

  141. Anonymous

    Sexuality Section nairaland

  142. nairaland things

  143. Nairaland

  144. Nairaland – “There and Back on Time”


  146. Nairaland

  147. Anonymous

    I was told abt dis site by a frnd named Walter

  148. Nairaland Zubi man

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