How Bad Breath Is Ruining My Relationships, Social Life And Self Esteem.

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As i type these words my heart is heavy and gloomy, filled with sadness. I reckon its a good idea to share my experience (especially those with similar problems).

I am A 30 YEAR OLD man, good looking (i needn’t say this i know), financially well off relative to most average young men and certainly not lacking in intellectual capacity.

I have a condition BAD BREATH. I noticed this when my erstwhile girlfriend covers her nose with her fingers when i come close, when we have sex she insists on me hitting her from behind. She tried very hard to make it seem natural so as not to hurt my feelings but there is so much you can hide. Our relationship of course did not last because i was too silly to figure out why. This was an on and off occurrence hence perhaps my failure to pin point the problem.

Of late the condition has worsened. It is made worse by the fact even your closest friend WILL NOT tell you about your bad breath. Each time i speak within minutes who ever I’m speaking to puts his/her hands over their nose and mouth.

There is this girl I just met. Obviously chemistry was not lacking hence we struck a connect pretty soon, but however since she started paying me visits i noticed as well she consistently tries to distance herself, even when I hug her face points downwards.

Now as of this writing i was paid a visit by my In-law (Dude who married my sister just this past December). I noticed the eye and bodily contacts between both. I’m here in my room but she’s right there with him in the living room. Taking off her jean she is dressed in a provocative easy wear, one that accentuates her soft full legs and cute ass.

Mere staying with me revolts now. To buy time for privacy she requests for mundane things life ”Efirin” leave (used for pepper soup), knowing all too well i will have to drive pretty far. Coming back home i parked outside (Which i don’t usually do and walked into my apartment and lo and behold there she was sitting side my side with him, all grins and smiles.

Startled by my unexpected entry, i could see the irritation on her face. Right now as i type these words she is in the living room with my In-law, food is ready she demands she eats, serves him first and later asks with careless abandon if ”i will eat”. IN MY OWN HOUSE.

To say i am hurt and sad is an understatement, being a LEO, i am naturally a very sensitive but this hits me like a big blow; sad, self esteem reduced, i feel so sad.


I know i am not the only one with this problem, there are thousands of guys like me having the same problem. You wouldn’t wish this feeling of hurt and pain for your worst enemy, trust me.

I only wish God will somehow remove this problem for me. I have taken all medications, therapies and mouth wash but all to no avail.

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