Happy Weekend Fans

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As usual, I am off to Enugu. We will have an update or two today. I hope we are enjoying the ride so far. I am sure some of you are already Familiar with the structure of Europe now. We will soon head to Berlin and then to the Scandinavia where more and more twists will be encountered.

Enjoy the runs, learn from it and tell your friends. We are in for a long ride.

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  1. I’m enjoying it. Abeg,update!

  2. I dey enjoy dis ur tori like where monkey dey enjoy banana.

    Abeg fire on!

  3. Have a nice journey to Enugu Zuby , but don’t forget to show ur fans Berlin wedding pictures .
    Following bumper to fender …..

  4. thanks Zubby, we’ll be looking forward to it.

  5. where is my seat ???
    belt its gonna b a bumpy ride

  6. design4lyfe

    happy weekend

  7. Happy weekend to you, Zuby. Eagerly awaiting new updates

  8. am enjoying this story like kilode! ….infct, i am smiling, waiting and greatful …… I use ur story to teach my pupils about non fiction prose —– authobiography !!

  9. Wish you a successful journey bros….
    We’re enjoying the ride Zubby, please insert the little pictures you have in the story it make it lively and interesting.

    Patiently waiting for updates

  10. i love scandinivia. i cant wait to be there. happy weekend

  11. Safe journey man and happy weekend. Enthusiastically waiting for updates

  12. Safe journey man and happy weekend. Enthusiastically waiting for more updates

  13. Your post are my daily tonics

  14. summerflame

    I am starving for updating oooo. Oga, I use God beg you, come and update before I get you arrested for starving us of updates

  15. Zuby I noticed something and would appreciate it if you could continue.
    You usually write some quotes at the end of your stories but you stopped.
    Could you continue please

  16. Have a safe trip Bro.

  17. Zuby thanks a lot. Safe trip to enugu.

  18. patiently waiting for update ….* oliver twist mode *

  19. i,me and myself dey coal city.just to slap didi nasty.de guy dey make me laugh my heart out!

  20. Ozoigbo, ride on. Am following you bomber to bomber

  21. Ozoigbondu na Eko

    This is my name sake, ozoigbondu1 na Lagos. Hope our brothers from other tribes are not calling you criminal names behind us for displaying high level of intelligence… lol. They always term “us,Igbos ” thieves…lol.

  22. Ozoigbondu na Eko

    Guilty or not…lol. Save journey nwanne.

  23. If i’m not enjoying it,then i don lie pass yahoo boys….Keep it coming…………

  24. summerflame

    I will arrest you if u resist to update today.. Dare me.. Lol

  25. “O Zubby, Zubby, where art thou

  26. ….. Protest……
    I will not sleep until you update…..

  27. leggo

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