Happy Easter Fellow Runners

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Happy Easter Runners,

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I wish to congratulate all the people who started following us nearly one year ago.
We will soon enter the second year of our sojourn. The way the story is being presented, I believe that we are learning and  being entertained at the same time.
I wish happy Easter to the Christians and task them to emulate the kind of life Christ lived here on Earth.
My promise is that our project will continue. There will be updates as it has been for the past one year. There will be breathtaking strategies and decisions that will help you take some decisions about your life and the way you live it.

Thank you for being a fan of Life on the Run.
-Ozoigbondu 1.

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  1. Happy easter to your family,happy sunday to you and happy birthday to muah.hahaha i am +1 today.

  2. Thanks for always dishing it to us HOT everyday.

    Happy Easter Bro.


  3. Ozoigbondu thank you for telling us your story…. We’re truly learning from your actions and mistakes.#weldon

  4. Thank You…

  5. neotrinity

    Happy Easter to you and ur family.

  6. Zacchaeus

    Thanks alot. Complement of the season!

  7. Happy Easter to we all

  8. if i say that am nt learning anything, make my nash burn fire !!! But zubby i always pray to God to bless you for all these stories for it has indeed made me wiser and have enlightened me of how to go abt things nt forgetting how life is out there in europe and around the world !!

  9. hapi easter,zubby u are d bomb,i salute ur writting skills n retentive memo

  10. Happy easter to us all.

  11. Happy Easter fellow runners……..!

  12. meexteeriox

    Ozoigbondu 1, more ink to ur pen. Truly inspiring stories. I can never be a learner again reading ur stories daily.

  13. How did dis story start? As an old time runner, i will say it started from nairaland, dat thread created by Mazi Omenuko “legends of d fuckers”, dat was where Zubby 1st posted dis story b4 he was adviced to create a thread for his story.

  14. Hapi Easter 2u too Zuby, and also to my fellow readers

  15. Happy easter Zubby!I wish…

  16. A year? It feels Like yesterday

  17. happy Easter everyone, more ink to zubby’s pen…

  18. Thanks bro and enjoy the easter holiday.

  19. horlabiyi

    Same to You. Ride On

  20. Crave4Stan

    Compliments of the season to you and your family too, Zuby. We’re right here running for life. No shaking!

  21. Yea happy esther 2 u Zuby and all my fellow Runners

  22. happy easter Monday to you all RUNNERS

  23. Happy Easter to all and sundry.

  24. Anonymous

    Happy easter to u boss, Hope your cousin upcoming wedding wont delay the updates, wish him all d best

  25. paulo4sure

    Happy easter to u boss, Hope your cousin upcoming wedding wont delay the updates, wish him all d best

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