Graphic Photo Of The Kano State Female Sucide Bomber. (viewer’s Discretion)

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Pictured below is the suicide bomber who nearly attacked a mosque along Zaria road, Kano state before being stopped by people around. She was trying to cross over to the mosque, but she was stopped. She immediately detonated the bomb and died immediately. She was the only victim of the bomb blast…

Read the press release on the suicide bombing from the Nigeria police force;

At about 9:30pm today 06.07.2015, Police Team on duty around Aliyu bn Abi Talib Mosque, Dangi Roundabout ‪#‎Kano‬ prevented a female who tried to mingle with worshipers as they were coming out of the Mosque after prayers. The said female then blew herself up and died on the spot. No other casualty recorded. Scene secured by Police, investigation on going.


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