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Harry Kane’s England call-up was well deserved and the question now is whether or not he can replicate his club form for his country. Alan Shearer did just that after making a similar start to his career so Sky Sports caught up with the former England striker to get his thoughts…
Harry Kane’s call-up for Roy Hodgson’s senior side represents the completion of an astonishing transformation for the Tottenham striker. A total of six goals in 40 appearances over the previous two seasons did not point towards Kane’s emergence as one of the most feared forwards in the country. And yet, it’s a rise that mirrors Alan Shearer’s journey to become England’s No.9.
Remarkably, despite announcing his arrival with a hat-trick on his full debut for Southampton against Arsenal, Shearer’s first four seasons in the English top flight yielded only 10 goals in 77 appearances. The goals only really started to flow in the 1991/92 season. England recognition and a move to Blackburn followed in the summer. Shearer was 21 years old. The same age as Kane.
Working out quite what’s clicked for Kane in a season in which he’s already netted 26 goals is tough to ascertain, but Shearer should know better than most. Even before becoming a Newcastle hero, he scored 112 Premier League goals in 138 games for Blackburn. For him, the exponential improvement can be explained by Kane’s attitude.
“I think it’s belief,” Shearer told Sky Sports. “That feeling that you belong in the surroundings and feel comfortable at that level. Not being fazed by anything that’s put to you and not getting carried away, big-headed or arrogant. If that happens then the future looks good for him.
“It’s not as if it’s been put on him immediately. He’s had to work for it. He’s had to go out on loan and learn little bits, which I’m sure had put him in good stead and he’s had to sit on the bench for a while and look at things. That all will have whetted his appetite to get out there. It looks as if now he’s been given that opportunity, he wants to stay there.
Fantastic touch
“His touch has been fantastic, his goalscoring has been superb. I just like his attitude which is the most pleasing thing. It’s refreshing to see that attitude; his desire to get into goalscoring positions. His desire to score goals. He’s good in the air, quick and wants to run in behind as well as come short. So I don’t think anyone can say they haven’t been impressed by him.
“His performances have been exceptional and for someone so young to look so good. You have to look at the way he played against Chelsea at White Hart Lane. Not many players give John Terry and Gary Cahill the run around. He did that day, which should give him great confidence to go on and achieve bigger and better things.”
While Shearer has faith in Kane’s quality, he is typically keen to remain immune to the hype surrounding English football’s next big hope – particularly in light of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher describing Kane as a “genius” on Monday Night Football. “To talk about him being great is premature because there are a lot of things that can go wrong,” added Shearer.
Desire and attitude
“We’ve seen it in players’ careers before. Sometimes that desire and attitude isn’t as good later on as it has been in previous years. Injuries, too. You need a lot of luck. So there are still things that can go wrong but I’m told that he has a very good attitude, which is great to hear, and if he can continue that then the future is bright for him without a doubt.”
Shearer certainly lit up the international scene, top scoring at Euro ’96 and going on to score 30 goals in an eight-year career with England. So does he see the similarities between himself and Harry Kane? “I’d prefer to let other people talk about that and say whether I was good, bad or indifferent,” said Shearer. “I’m a fan of his and I hope he can keep it going.

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