Global Sports : Dyke Warns Over ‘crowding’ Refs

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FA chairman Greg Dyke has hit out at the “scary” increase in players surrounding referees this season, after warning more than 100 clubs over discipline.
Nearly three times as many players as last season have been charged over the offence this season.
Dyke was speaking after nine Chelsea players crowded referee Bjorn Kuipers as he sent off PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic during their Champions League match at Stamford Bridge last week.
The Football Association wrote to every Premier League, Football League and Conference club in December to remind them to ensure their players acted with respect towards match officials.
“We have seen a pretty scary increase this season in the number of clubs charged with their players surrounding referees.” said Dyke. “As a result we have written to the clubs in the top five divisions reminding them of their rules and their responsibilities. I believe it is particularly important for professional clubs to set an example so that this kind of conduct is not replicated at grassroots and youth level.”
FA chiefs also warned clubs over the issue in high-level talks before the start of the season.
As of 12 March, the FA charged sixteen players in the top five divisions with surrounding match officials this season, nearly treble the number from each of the previous two seasons.
A total of 29 players have been warned over their conduct this season.
The FA introduced a charge of surrounding match officials, where three or more players of one club approach a match official in a confrontational manner, as part of its Respect campaign.
The FA may now consider other options such as heavier sanctions, especially against clubs who are repeat offenders.
FA disciplinary bosses have promised to deal with the issue strongly and charge players on a consistent basis.
“The whole game needs to ensure it is addressing the issue.” said Dyke.
Ibrahimovic compared Chelsea’s players to “babies” and Graeme Souness labelled the “totally unacceptable” behaviour of crowding referees.
“There have been wonderful South American and Latin players come to this country but they bring with them that tactic,” Souness told Sky Sports.
“I’ve worked in Latin countries, I’ve played in one. It was completely foreign to me when I went there in the ‘80s and witnessed it close up. They thought it was good play if you got someone else in trouble or someone booked. That is something we can do without. It is not the British way of doing things and it’s creeping into our game, which is, I find, totally unacceptable.

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