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Everton’s Ross Barkley has revealed he thinks he would have a greater impact as a striker rather than a midfielder.


The Toffees playmaker has been in midfield for most of the season having played behind the centre-forward last season.
Barkley, 21, admits his form has dipped but believes he can be more devastating further up the field.
“I’m a striker,” he told Premier League World. “I feel I can have my greatest impact there because I’m free to roam around the pitch, take players on, have shots and create chances.”
But despite his slump in form and the team’s own struggles in the league, the England midfielder insists he is not feeling the pressure.
“From my point of view I haven’t done as well as I know I can, but things like this happen,” he added.
“You have to go through bad days to get to the great days you have in your career. Everything’s a learning curve.
“We haven’t been going through the best period at the moment but we’re going to come through this and be really good at the end of it. I don’t feel pressure. I believe in myself and I know what I can do.
“It’s not me feeling pressure, it’s just me putting pressure on myself if I don’t do my best, and I know I can do better.”
Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney revealed he spoke to Ross Barkley after Friday’s 4-0 win over Lithuania in a bid to improve his form.
The England skipper said he told the 21-year-old some wise words he was given by ex-United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
Rooney said: “He and Everton hit the heights last season. He hasn’t done as well as the team haven’t recently.
“But I spoke to him after the game on Friday and the only advice I gave him was to watch the game from the bench with England.
“He will know how to get into the opposition, where the spaces are.
“That’s what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said to me when I was young, so you know where to be when you come on. If it helps, then great.

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