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1 – What is the nearest Country to Portugal?

2 – Which Airline took me from Germany to Lisbon in 2005 and where did we stop on transit?

3 – Jennifer boarded a plane from an African capital city to Spain when she came to Europe for the first time, What was the name of the City?

4 – What is the name of the Resort where i met the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Portugal?

5 – Which two countries shared Berlin after the World War 2?

6 – What were the names of the Lebanese and Morrocan guys who were in charge of Brandenburg drug cartel when i returned from Portugal?

7 – What City did Jennifer Spent her asylum time?

8 – There was one Yoruba guy with us at the Brandenburg Heim, what was his name?

9 – What was my name in Brandenburg Heim?

10 – Name three towns that Circled Brandenburg.�

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  1. numero uuuno

    2.air Berlin,palma de Mallorca
    4.a resort in faro
    5.west Germany and east Germany
    6.fadi and jimmy
    10 .roskow,rusterwitz,wenzlow,bensdorf

  2. numero uuuno

    4.its crown plaza hotel

  3. dhortunn

    1. Spain
    2. Air Berlin
    3. Bamako
    4. Crown Plaza
    5. West Germany and East Germany

    6. Fadi and jimmy
    7. Bremen
    8. Bolaji
    9. Milo
    10. Roskow, rusterwitz, wenzlow, bensdorf

  4. 1)Spain

    2)Air Berlin,stopped at Palma De Mallorca


    4)Crown plaza hotel,Vilamoura

    5)East and west Germany

    6)Fadi and Jimmy





  5. where are the first to comment? This where and when to proove your worth.

  6. The first commenters are nut head,you won’t see dem here.lolx

  7. solomonsly

    zuby can u please drop today sory.

  8. Francis Won and will be rewarded with Recharge card.

  9. numero uuuno

    mr zuby,how was i wrong?
    I got the questions right first.

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