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Dear Runners,

I know that over 90 percent of us are on Facebook. Please use the Facebook ‘Share’ button after each Chapter to tell your friends about Global Runs. They may learn one or two things aside being entertained.

Our global Runs Data remains 5mb. Lol.

Here is the deal, I will start posting three Chapters from Tomorrow (Monday May 19) until the next two weeks or more. Now that will take extra hours to write and review.

Therefore we will need 1GB of MTN Data tomorrow. The last time i asked, only one person forwarded the N750.
We must not allow just me to be doing the whole work. This is our Story, we are all running at the same pace. We all probably know more about Europe now.

The Global Running MTN Number remains 08162894984.

Lets see what happens Today and Tomorrow.

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7 Responses

  1. akarolo

    Now all d FTC crew are no where to be seen!!!! Anyi ga eme ya anyi ga eme ya!

  2. Cosign with the previous poster!

    Some of us are geographically disadvantaged and though willing,would be unable to purchase the MTN data plan from here.If an alternative means of support is possible,let us know.

    By the way,have you considered turning the LOTR series into a adult graphic novel?Like minds would be willing to collaborate on that as the story has all the makings of a commercially viable brand.

    Big up!

  3. Papoo Owoh

    Dem don runaway O ga oooo

  4. Time to pay some task.

  5. horlabiyi

    Gotta drop soon

  6. Joe Tony

    Life on the run is your (life) work and as much as readers are entertained, you ought to be pleased, satisfied and fulfiled from that fact.

    On a different note, it can only be a great idea to take Life on the Run to the screen in some form as many readers (right from the NL days of There and Back on Time) have rightly called, and are calling till now. I believe you can make it happen if you mean business and I believe it’ll be a great Nigerian blockbuster if well directed by you.

    But anyway, let’s just keep it real on because there’s much more potential in this your work than MTN airtime charges. I do hope you see it so.

    Cheers 🙂

  7. mtn what ?

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