The Game- 40 Glocc Beating Was Self-Defense

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The Game

40 Glocc Beating Was Self-Defense

It’s bad enough The Game famously beat down 40 Glocc on video — but now he’s verbally slapping the guy around … claiming 40 is only suing him to extend his 15 minutes of fame, and soak up Game’s shine.

40 Glocc filed the lawsuit after Game humiliated him 2 years ago by beating the crap out of him, recording it, and posting it on YouTube. Now, Game says — in new docs obtained by TMZ — he was acting in self-defense during the fight and only started punching after 40 pulled a gun.

40 has claimed Game pulled a gun, though neither is seen with a firearm in the video.

In the docs, Game throws a few jabs — for instance … he has Grammy nominations and a TV show, and 40 does not. He also point out his 1.1 million Twitter followers compared to 40 Glocc’s measly 53,000.

Best of all … Game claims the whole lawsuit is part of Mr. Glocc’s “gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts” — said the guy who made 40 Glocc cower in fear during that infamous ass whoopin’.

Whatever happens in court — the awesome video will live forever.

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