France denies complicity

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The French embassy in Cameroon has denied any secret activity against Cameroon in its declared war against Nigerian Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, following media reports in the neighbouring country, the embassy condemned attacks by the terrorist militants in northern Cameroon, near the Nigerian border.

France restated its solidarity with the Cameroonian authorities in the fight against the insurgents from Nigeria, African Press Agency reported.

The French government also paid tribute to Cameroonian soldiers killed in combat against Islamist insurgents and “mourned with families of civilian victims and soldiers fighting against terrorism”.

The embassy, contrary to some Cameroonian media assertions which alluded to some behind-the-scene negotiations with Boko Haram, said President François Hollande had not met with Cameroonian officials during his July visit to Chad.

According to the statement, France is engaged with Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger and Chad in the fight against the threat that Boko Haram represents for peace and security in Africa.

Meanwhile, Cameroonian bishops have said Boko Haram insurgents are the most complex challenge they are facing in the country as they meet with the Catholic head, Pope Francis.

The bishops, who have been on a six-day meeting at the Vatican since Monday, expressed their unhappiness about the problems facing Cameroon.

On Wednesday, the prelates told the Vatican that their greatest fear was the Boko Haram insurgents’ attacks and the large number of refugees fleeing from Nigeria into the far North region of Cameroon. They also mentioned the threat of Ebola Virus Disease outbreak spreading into their country.

The Vatican Radio quoted one of the clerics as saying, “First we have the dimension of the refugees, not just Christians. But in northern Cameroon, we also welcome the refugees, most of which consists of Muslims. There is a spiritual dimension for some time. First, at the national level, we have launched a campaign of prayer, fasting, penance for the Lord to help us.”

The cleric added, “The most complex is Nigeria whose security problems are beyond the level of the Church, but properly belong to the state.”

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