I got to the magic door. the door no gree open na wa oh wetin they worry this door, I go break am oh, I look back and saw Lizzy starring at me maybe she’s wondering wetin dey worry this boy while did I suddenly change.
I hold the handle of the door and push for where e strong gan like aso rock.
“where are you running to? she questioned, (question for the gods)
I didn’t even bother to listen to her as I struggle to get the door open but the door they form strong head.
Lizzy stood up and started walking towards me like snake, I wasn’t afraid before but now I dont know where the fear came from,
Lizzy: if I want to hurt you, you would have been dead by now, why don’t you relax and hear me out.
Me: hear you out? you just told me you want to use me for sacrifice and you telling me to relax?
Lizzy: they won’t I assure you.
she walk to me put her right hand on my shoulder and said. “I promise you nobody will hurt so relax and hear me out please”
I was very much afraid now I look at her eyes and I saw love, I took her head and I kiss her passionately the suddenly i started crying, i don’t know why butI just start crying and sat down at the same spot, Lizzy sat with me and wrap her hands around my neck peting me like baby.
Me: what’s wrong with me, my head is seeing things I don’t even know who am I anymore?
Lizzy: you are Ailobasumu (they don’t drag crown with king), you are a human being born with a silverspoon, have you ever wondered why you are the only one in your family to have hairs?
Me: why, I said still crying (I still don’t know why am crying)
Lizzy: well is a long story, you don’t own yourself, when your great grand father was looking for a child and he didn’t see, he went far far into the forest, there he met a lady, we call her Mother mermaid, she promise him a child but only on one condition.
Me: what is it (getting interested)
Lizzy: that any boy born out of his family with hair like animal will be use as a sacrifice to increase the life span of mother mermaid.
Me: wait what exactly are you saying?
Lizzy: he slept with mother mermaid, for years we have been waiting for the product of that union, but none until you appear.
Me: so how do you know that am the product.
Lizzy: because you inherit her hairs and her eyes. you are a carbon copy of her.
Me: you are joking right?
Lizzy: no am not.
Me: so what those that make me.
Lizzy: you are a human being, but you have a spiritual mother, which make you half human and half merman.
Me: I reject it in Jesus name, any evil that form against me shall not prosper by the power of the holy ghost am a child of God.
I stood up and started scattering prayer, as I continue praying the house started moving like train.
Lizzy: stop it.
Me: I band any demonic or rivernic spirit hovering around me In Jesus name.
Lizzy: stooooooop.
I didn’t hear that as I continue praying without ceasing, really? what get inside me, she was shaking up and down as if she was under the anointing of God, I was kind of surprise because am a sinner how can god be answering my prayers when I sin a lot.
as I continue praying everywhere continue shaking as if Armageddon is about to happen, then she pause look at me, I saw her eyes sparking red all round, then she point her right hand to me and shouted.
Lizzy: I command you to stop.
I stop at once.

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