I dial my mum number sharperly, she
pick at once.
Mum: hello oziegbe.
Me: ma, na you send me message just
Mum: no oh, I get time to dey send
message .
Me: okay bye bye.
Mum: wetin happen
Me: nothing bye bye.
I cut the call at once before she continue
to dey ask me numerous question, I
read the text again, this just dosnt feel
right, I was so disturb that I had to call
Lizzy at once, I called first time, she
didn’t pick, second time she didn’t pick,
third time the same thing, so I sent a
“hello love please I need to speak to you
now its urgent”.
i waited for her reply for good twenty
minutes, since she nor want reply me I
drop the phone on the table and walk
out, sometimes if I dey vex i nor dey
carry phone waka.
I enter bike #50 go afuze, i told you guys
before I wanna cook a delicious soup, if
you don’t know how to cook black soup
or you can call it saint leaf soup, you
better open your eyes sharp, I enter the
crowding market come see as people
scatter like fowl, bike no dey even mind
whether people dey road or not. na to
dey speed paas them sabi, so I first buy
saint leaf they tie it 50 naira, so I bought
4, maybe that one go do, I bought
crayfish #100, and meat 300, dry fish,
200, we get the rest ingredient for
house, but one thing still remain, we dey
call am (ugbewe) the thing they dey
small small like seed, i bought kpomo
also, that one don do, after all na me
and my mum only, so I carry my
property pack put for nylon bag and
enter the noisy crowd, as i dey go, I felt
like someone was following me, so I turn
back, na many people I see wey them
they struggle for breath Cus the crowd
was too muCH, so I continue walking till I
reach where I go take bike, so as I wan
stop bike, another bike pass my front, I
mistakenly saw the side glass, wetin I
see shock me, I saw one bIG woman with
hairs like snake, just like the medusella,
if you have watch clash of the Titans, I
was shock that I turn back, I look exactly
at the same spot but the woman was no
longer there, I walk to the area and
search everywhere for there but I nor
see her, hmmmm na wa oh, Abi na my
mind dey play games with me again?
maybe oh because there is no way
somebody like that will stand at the
middle of crowd without people running
away from her, so I package myself and
disappear out of the market, I didn’t
enter bike there again, if i reach road i
go enter, so I follow backyard, I wan
pass back burst out from main road
then come stop bike for there, as I dey
go I dey look over my shoulders, I go
waka two step I go look back, people wey
dey follow me come dey wonder whether
na mad person I be, after 2 minutes
everybody find their way. leaving me
alone in Akhigbe street in Afuze, i don’t
know why they call that street Akhigbe
(my surname) and we are not even
related, and the street is one of the
oldest in afuze, they don tie the street
now, as I dey go nobody dey road,
everywhere dey dry, na so market day
dey always be for afuze, everybody like
to dey go market, i was walking fast to
get to the main road on time when
suddenly I heard a footstep following me,
I was so afraid in that I didn’t even look
back, so I stop and the foostep stop
(daytime oh) I continue and the footstep
continue, I summon the courage to look
back. I look back and saw nobody, as I
say make I face front continue my
journey na im I see her stand for my
front looking at me with her blazing

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