I was so shocked that i fell on the
ground throwing away everything i
bought inside gutter, the mysterious lady
was looking at me mysteriously on the
ground, her dadarish hair like snake and
her eyes like that of an eagle and her
nails like the claw of lions and of course
her body was shinning like fish, expecially
her breast, i dont really think thats a
breast because what i saw is………i dont
really know how to describe it just know
that it has the shape of breast and
shinning like diamond.
She felt my fear then she walk to me, i
was so afraid in that i wanted to faint, i
have not seen a woman like this before,
she move close to me and offer her
hand to me, signaling for me to take her
hand, well maybe she want help me
stand up, so i decided to grab her hand
and use it to stand up, as i was about to
touch it i heard a voice from back.
“Oziegbe dont”
i was startled that i look back
immediately, i saw her, of course you
know who she is, the lady i’ve been
trying to call all this while, she came
running towards us but when she get
close she stop and shouted on me to
come over to her demostrating with her
hands, The mysterious lady didnt say
anything, rather she put back her hand,
look at lizzy and then said.
Lady: what are you doing Lizzy?
Lizzy: is not yet time.
Lady: and who are you to dictate the time
for me?
Lizzy: please am sorry that i failed but
give me more time.
I was still on the ground listening to
what they are saying, lizzy was far away
maybe she’s scared of the lady or
maybe not.
Lady: take my hand boy let me help you
Lizzy: Oziegbe dont.
Na mad person go listen to the dada
woman, i slowly step away from the
woman and ran to lizzy, i hold her hands
and we ran out of that place, i look back
and saw the lady still standing there
looking at us as we ran away.
I was breathing heavily that i fell on the
ground “come on dear, we have to keep
Me: i cant go on i need water.
Lizzy: okay come on try and reach that
tree let me go town and bring okada.
Me: No! No!! No!!! I will manage come on
help me up.
She help me up and this time we walk.
Me: who is she?
Lizzy: keep your strenght when we reach
house we will talk.
I kept quiet till we reach main road, we
stop one bike and we enter straight and
direct to my house.
We got home payed the okada and enter
house, first thing for me na to go drink
water, i enter room sama three cup of
water, big one oh no be small cup oh,
after i drink water finish i return to
parlour were i met lizzy siting on the
floor and crossing her legs, she was
saying soimething but i didnt hear what
she was saying, all i see is her mouth
moving up and down, she also close her
eyes, i wave my hand round her face,
she no blink, i hope no be summon she
wan summon person come oh, i sit down
for chair they watch, she continue
praying for like twenty minutes, i was
even tired self, though i will wait because
i have alot of question to ask her so i
continue waiting, after ten more minutes
somebody knock on my door, i went to
check and i saw vareeth standing at my
Me: guy how far.
Vareeth: open door for me na, wetin you
dey hide self?
Me: i they with babe, no be now abeg, i
need privacy.
Vareeth: mtchewww abeg commot for
road joor, he use force to enter (i dont
blame him, i will do the same too if its
me) and saw my lizzy on the ground
Vareeth: wetin she dey do for ground?
Me: praying.
He sat down and started looking at her
concentrating on her breast, then he
start licking his lips, .
Varth: wait oh, no be this girl act that
drama wey they your cassete?
Me: and so.
Varth: chai see as una go give fine girl
bad part to act, and she even resemble
witch self.
When he stated that word, she open her
eyes, and what i saw shock me a little,
her eyes were red like a hot furnace.
Of course vareeth ran away forgeting
his leg at my house.

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