Me: just give me joor.
Carp: okay but am nor responsible for anything oh.
Me: see who they speak english, abeg give me something joor, anything
like what self?
Carp: no worry.
He walk to where he kept his tools and equipment, he took the saw and
gave it to me.
Carp: bring am come back now now because i get work this morning.
Me: yeah i know, you don even start the work for bed self.
Carp: you nor well, oya commot for my house self.
He drove me out of his room and lock the door, lol, for him mind na
him they enjoy pussi.
I reach my house and use the saw to cut the door panel, if i say make
i use am cut the key for where na there i go sleep till queen
elizabeth come meet me, it wasnt that hard cus the saw was very sharp,
within two minutes i don do everything finish, i open the door and
went inside, everything just they as i leave am, nothing spoil,
nothing bam, so i quickly enter my room and look for another panel, i
get those things many for house, so i took one from inside one black
old bag and quickly fix the door, using nail and hammer, after fixing
it i return the handsaw to ogijio the carpenter, he told me to drop it at
the door mouth, maybe him dey ontop him babe, i nor blame am afterall
na morning sex they sweet pass abi?.
I return back to my house jejeje and arrange my room very well i saw
my beautiful kpako phone, i carry am and check if battery still dey,
for where e don flat like flat tire, so i took another battery from
ontop table and on it, thank God one bar still remain, after switching
it on, i called my mum.
Mum: hello oziegbe.
Me: good morning ma, where you they?
Mum: i still they hospital, i they try your number since them say switch off.
Me: yes light no they, and no fuel for generator, but why you still
they hospital?
Mum: i don reach store finish, around 10 in the night i get emergency
call for hospital say them poison some police.
Me: really what of people wey they do night duty, And you enter go meet them in the night,
Mum: no, na motor come carry us and they need mor staff, i still they there.
Me: na which kind poison?
Mum: nobody know oh, but them don they wake up small small.
Me: wetin them say happen?
Mum: none of them remember anything and one of their officer self don die.
Me: hiah odikwa serious.
Mum: wetin you talk?
Me: i say that one serious.
Mum: yes na, we go stay here tey, so find something to eat, na where
you learn igbo?
Me: nah from one music wey them they sing like that.
Mum: take care i they busy for now, if i nor quick come make you go
store in the evening oh.
Me: okay ma, bye bye.
Mum: okay.
Waoh just waoh, so na now those police they wakup from their slumber,
hiah this one strong well well, i drop the phone and went to check if
there is money in the container, of course there is, so i took 1000
naira i wan go market go cook soup, lol i sabi cook soup oh if you
doubt me come i will cook for you, but when you they run go toilet no
blame me oh.
As i they go outside my phone started ringing, i check the phone and
saw lizzy on the screen, fear from above begin catch me automatically.

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