As the phone they ring my heart they beat, why my mind they beat now me i nor know oh, i let the phone ring finish i nor pick am, as i wan open door say make i escape go but indomie the phone started crying again, the tone they disturb my inner insulin gland, i didnt know when i rush inside and pick the goddamn phone,
Me: hello.
Lizzy: why you they fear to pick the call?
Me: i was busy, am sorry.
Lizzy: okay what are you doing am missing you.
Me: well am trying to regain my strength, the one you took last night.
Lizzy: i thought you didnt remember.
Me: yeah, but now am getting the picture clearer.
Lizzy: hmmm you are a strong man, so am not surprise.
Me: there’s something i want to talk to you about.
Lizzy: and is now you want to talk about it, what if i didnt call you?
Me: i just remember it now.
Lizzy: so what is it?
Me: do you know any ugbomiga river?
Lizzy: no.
Me: waoh thats strange.
Lizzy: why are you looking for it?
Me: well the disk i took, the girl told me to go ugbomiga river for answers.
Lizzy: well i dont know anything about ugbomiga river, but i can search for it for you.
Me: i will so much appreciate it.
Lizzy: i need the disk.
Me: to do what?
Lizzy: to destroy it.
Me: why?
Lizzy: because the disk implicate me.
Me: but you are above the law.
Lizzy: even your father in paradise have rules and law.
Me: hmmmm so what are trying to say.
Lizzy: am not afraid of the physical fight, but i have doubt about the spiritual.
Me: tell me more please.
Lizzy: not on phone, i will make you a deal.
Me: what deal?
Lizzy: hand over the disk to me and i will show you ugbomiga river.
Me: i thought you said you dont know it?
Lizzy: i do and i will take you there myself if you summit the disk to me.
Me: hmmm but you have the power to just kill me and collect the disk.
Lizzy: i cant because am you spiritual lo…………
Me: lo what.
Lizzy: i cant because i love you.
Me: thats not what you wanted to say.
Lizzy: it is my dear, i cant harm you because i love you, do you love me? (question for the gods)
i remain mute, what do you guys expect me to say, i should yes Or No?.
Me: hahahahahaha.
Lizzy: what obligate your laughter?
Me: because its kinda strange.
Lizzy: why?
Me: well you asking me to love a witch.
Lizzy: are you not part of us?
Me: i am not my dear, am not a witch, am a chirstian and i love God and his word.
Lizzy: you cant escape it Oziegbe, is either you accept or they kill you.
Me: who will kill me?
Lizzy: witches from west, mermaids from the south and hybrids from the east.
Me: waoh, wait please, mention those words again please.
Lizzy: witches from the west, mermaids from the south and hybrids from the east.
I cut the call, now everything is getting clearer, lucy told me i have three things that they want.
Is it in anyway related to what lizzy just said, woah and i believe lizzy is lucy sister, because she told me she had a sister called luciana, and lizzy is luciana, if luciana is from the west, lucy from the east then who is from the south, but they are twins and grow up in the west, hmmm but luciana said she was ban to the east leaving her sister behind but later migrated to the east following me around like wind and she’s a mermaid, so who is from the south?
Everything is still scatteredion my head, i really need to take water now, i stood up from the chair and went inside to get water.
After i drink the water finish, my throat started scratching me, then it start boiling like say i drank hot water, i ran inside to lick oil but the thing no gree stop, i even took chest and lungs medicine, the thing still dey scratch me badly, then i felt my stomach e be like say i wan vomit, i ran to the toilet and “whoooai” i vomit blood, after vomiting i wash my mouth and enter parlour again thinking why i vomit blood, then a text enter my phone, i manage to stand up and walk to the tv, i took my phone ontop tv, i look at the number, unknown, so i open the text message and it reads
“welcome to our world, my son”
i was surprise why my mum will send me that message and also use strange number, and yes, that day was my 18 birthday.

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