Football: No renewal in Adidas, Nigeria partnership

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One of the world’s biggest sports kit makers, Adidas Group, will end its partnership with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) this year, can report.

The contract between Adidas and the NFF runs out this year and the former has stated that it will not renew its relationship with the football federation.

“I can confirm that Adidas has decided not to renew the contract with the Nigerian Football Federation and we wish them all the best for the future,” Public Relations Manager, Adidas SA, Gugu Ntuli, told on Friday.

However, can also confirm that a letter dated August 12, 2014 signed by Adidas Vice President, Global Sports Marketing Football, Claus-Peter Mayer and Marketing Manager Federations and Leagues, Kai-Philipp Stief and addressed to the NFF, stated it will not extend the existing contract once it elapses on the last day of December.

“Adidas has conducted an analysis of its football partnership and related business. Based on this evaluation and in combination with the recent correspondence between the parties we regret to inform you that Adidas has decided not to extend its current partnership with the Nigeria Football Federation as per the end of the agreement (i.e. 31 December 2014),” Adidas informed in its letter.

Adidas, however assured the NFF of its faithfulness to serve off the terms of existing contract.

“Adidas will continue to fulfill its obligations under the agreement as previously communicated and respectfully request the Nigeria Football Federation to do the same for the remainder of the contract period (including the obligation to share any third party offer pursuant to Adidas’ right of first refusal),” the sports kit manufacturing organisation stated.

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