Football: Netherlands-Costa Rica: Quotes

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Louis van Gaal, Netherlands coach
In terms of team spirit and togetherness, this is the best group I’ve worked with. I thought we had more quality than Costa Rica and deserved to win. I don’t know how much ball possession we had, how many times we hit the woodwork and how many chances we had – in the end it’s all about scoring. We have practiced pens, I believe when you’re used to a certain way of shooting you’ll be more comfortable taking that shot. We told Tim Krul that he would be the best goalkeeper for the penalties as he’s bigger; we didn’t tell Cillessen, as we didn’t want to ruin his preparation and concentration. There is no question about who will start next game, it will be Cillessen. But we felt Krul was the better choice here – and he proved that. He guessed the correct way for every penalty.

Jorge Luis Pinto, Costa Rica coach
We’re hurt but we’re happy. When we came here many people didn’t believe in us, but during this World Cup we’ve done many beautiful things. Even though we have to leave the tournament we haven’t been beaten, even by the super-powers we came up against. This evening I thought we matched the Dutch and although we can improve on certain things, we’re making great progress. We’ve shown that we can organise ourselves, that we have good tactics and we can play football. We have left a positive and dignified impression of Costa Rican football. I’m proud of the players and so is the country. They’ve given everything they have.

Keylor Navas, Costa Rica goalkeeper and Budweiser Man of the Match
This World Cup has been a great experience and we’re leaving with our heads held high. Everyone did a good job. We left everything on the pitch. Nobody likes to lose and it’s hard. We didn’t lose any game – a penalty shoot-out isn’t a defeat.

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