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Fans on the Run,
You must have noticed that I implemented some new changes on this Educating and Entertaining Blovel. I have restricted some Seasons to the registered members only. It means that some Seasons, including the current Season 7 is not accessible to non registered members. We are trying to build a high profile Membergroup that will have detailed information on the Lives of the African Immigrants all over the World; The drugs, the Scams, the Robbery, the odd jobs and of course the Prostitution.
I currently opened only the ‘Free’ Group which every registered Member is/will be automatically assigned to but I have three other groups called Bronze, Silver and Platinum. Any member can easily be assigned to any of the groups which will definitely have more access to the blog than the Free.
This idea came up after receiving private messages from people who said that while they loved the adventures, they would be happy if i screened out the intimate and Religious Criticism parts. It is understandable that they want to avoid such Chapters and we must try our best to respect them.
Since all Chapters are connected to each other, i decided to have Membership based groups that will have different access permissions.
The membership will be based on request and number of comments under your Username.
The Registration is open and Free for now but I could decide to close it up anytime without warning which means that it could be a little late for some people.
I am convinced now that the registration problems are gone.
Enjoy your favourite Blovel – Life on the Run.

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  1. if I can comments now it means I have registered?
    Nice idea anyway.

  2. Hope it will not create any confusion?

  3. Ride on Boss!!!

  4. Nice moves, we are from different paths of life afterall, we should get different doses of life. Good one, Zubby

  5. samsanyus

    I wouldn’t want to miss any gist on this blog. Long live Zubby

  6. I don’t even want to miss any of the update

  7. Following bumper to bumper

  8. D blog is getting more complicated by d day

  9. Ride on… Boss

  10. Zuby, we’ve got your back!

  11. though I’m not the commenting type, even though I follow this site religiously and appreciates zuby’s work, I ve to comment since I Wouldn’t want anything to disturb my membership status. Even if I ve to post this comment 100 times to be sure of that platinum membership, I’m prepared to..

  12. i’m already registered. HBD to u Zubby.

  13. Testing. I have registered.

  14. I hope my registration is valid!

  15. henry4lif

    nice work mr zubby

  16. Omega Nwanne m

    On point onye isi…. next update plzzz

  17. Zuby,why haven’t you acknowledge even one birthday wish from your fans,despite all the numerous accolades being pumped in?

  18. That will be bad to some people Zubby but all same you got the yam and knife…. Ride on…Ozoigbondu

  19. How will this affect the standard of the blog
    the intrigues, addrenalin, high octane
    associated with the blog presently keeps
    the readers hungry for more update.

  20. Not really nice

  21. timsilver

    zuby, I need premium membership. in fact, I am in love with your philosophy of life and religion.

  22. WOW! Gud move deir,and hbd,more keypad 2 ur finger

  23. Loll.. Funny.

  24. Sorry i came late due to low ba3. Registered

  25. Registered….but Zubby, like Njide said, y dont u acknowledge d hbd wish?

  26. kanyebaba

    Following bumper to bumper

  27. Tank God Joe Dejana is not the first to comment on dis post again,i wonder if he sleeps on d thread. But i know one day i wil b d first to comment.
    #crying due to chelsea’s loss.

  28. sf-oluleshie

    testin microphone ooooooooo…oh sorry i mean testing my reg status

  29. papindinho

    Zubby all the way…… #Leggo

  30. solidman59

    Maria, maria

  31. banning 89

    That’s a brilliant idea zubby

  32. ohuegbeair


  33. Still following

  34. Noted.

  35. Zeinymira

    I don’t want to miss any of the gist. HBD to u

  36. Following bumper to fender

  37. lightbearer

    Am a silent and detailed follower, love the lessons learnt so far, please don’t exclude my name from any level, that is the favour am asking from you Oga Zuby. Wishing you happy birthday in arrears! Cheers!

  38. nice one here oga zubby

  39. I have re-registered my evny username.hbd zubby

  40. Do not leave me out sir.

  41. everrichy

    Nice idea. Thumbs up! And happy birthday.

  42. Juliusdubem

    Just testing

  43. Papoo Owoh

    If I comment now my Oga at d top will say its another thing, Mr Zubby Olu Omo Of Berlin that’s ur neu name from me Enjoy. Yourself Boss!!!

  44. Papoo Owoh

    Sorry its coming Last Boss HBD u go last buh d problem now is dat how u going to celebrate it for us*jes sayin*lol

  45. Testing testing

  46. Juliusdubem

    Okay, I’m on!

  47. jerryidoko

    I love this blog .

  48. Very funny

  49. ride on boss

  50. Registered.

  51. Ozoigbundu 1 of Berlin! I’ve been following you from nairaland to this blog. While I may not necessarily agree with some of your religious views , I am tolerant enough to read/ ponder and grown enough to believe what appeals to my reasoning. So kindly grant me access to all chapters.

  52. thanks for the heads-up Zubby, still following bumper to bumper

  53. I was here

  54. Correct idea sir,may God continue to strengthen u as u partition diz thrilling thriller tales of europe in different segment for readers

    Once again ZUBbY acknowledge ur birthday wishes or u not celebrating?

    More grace sir

  55. Anonymous

    hope my membership would not get affected, Zubby transfer me to platinum, i won’t like to miss any part of this adventurous experience of a black soldier. I would like to read everything, that’s the beauty of the story

  56. hope my membership would not get affected, Zubby transfer me to platinum, i won’t like to miss any part of this adventurous experience of a black soldier. I would like to read everything, that’s the beauty of the story

  57. If you avoid some parts won’t it discredit life on the run?

  58. I will like to read every part if life on the run

  59. Abeg put me 4 ur plarinum membership o!

  60. Platinum for me o zuby. I cant imagine being left out of this action. Not when the story is at its peak of excitement. I respect your decision concerning censoring some parts but for me, it game on all the way.

  61. Zubby I hail

  62. Zubyzarreta!!! Keeping your enemy closer

  63. Oga Zuby when are u inviting Tonto Dike… @ least i can now comment… gud one there for me…

  64. But you have to conside we that followed you all the way from nairaland well done sir.

  65. Afam odogwu

    Ok na

  66. harnelson

    This man sef! Ride on jare

  67. Abeg keep this thing simple nau……… just saying ”

  68. Ozoigbondu1. May ur days be long. Nice one. This is so educating n I v bin thinkin of hw one can make a hit movie out of this. If well considered, the movie is going to be a high budget one. Have u thought of movies? Have u tot of sponsors? I think dat should b d nxt project. U can start showing interest so sponsors can b sort after. Pls hw do u read me?

  69. It’s a great idea.

  70. Am in and want the best membership here.

  71. omolaralawal

    Hmmmmm!I av neva commented on dis thread eva since it all started in nairaland! But I wouldn’t wanna miss out of d story! Zubby ure d best of ur kind! HBD in arrears all d same.

  72. m not sure i understand ur point but m sure u understand d point that i dun wanna miss anything.

  73. Hpe it works well. But don’t you think since the stories lead on from a chapter, when you screen based on religious and other criteria, they won’t get to see where it comes from

  74. Nice1 br0

  75. sanyababa

    In fact its an awesome idea, been following all the way from Nairaland till now, its one of the most scintillating stories I’ve read

  76. horlabiyi

    Nice idea.


  78. Cool

  79. 1st time commenting. Part of the crew now.

  80. Hi zubby, I just came back from a trip to my home town where network is bad. Please I don’t understand this new registration thing. How do I really go about it?

  81. Feed us raw abeg

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