Ezekwesili, others lambast Akiolu over Igbo death threat

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Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, is among several Nigerians who have strong words for Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, over his reported death threat against the Igbos if they do not vote for Lagos All Progressives Congress governorship candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Saturday.

These Nigerians expressed their outrage against the Oba’s tirade in their online posts.

Ezekwesili, the Coordinator of BringBackOurGirl campaign, expressed shock at the utterance of the monarch, who reportedly threatened the leaders of the Igbos, whom he addressed in his palace on Saturday, with death if they refused to support efforts to vote Ambode as Lagos State governor on April 11.

She said, “It was shocking to hear applause by the audience at the meeting where Oba of Lagos made those statements. Kai, citizens, you’re better than this!

Gboyega Ajibade, in his reaction, described the Oba’s statement as unfortunate, calling for Akiolu’s immediate suspension.

Ajibade stated, “This is quite unfortunate. The Ibos can vote according to what their conscience desire. Is this a threat or blackmail? Coming from an Oba of his caliber? Money has destroyed his personality and as the saying goes, ‘He who the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad’.

“We voted out impunity. Is this what we should be expecting, a power drunk Oba? What role is he playing? Trying to burn down Lagos and get the Yorubas in the East killed? He needs to be suspended immediately.

“I am a Yoruba and I completely dissociate myself from this mad rant. If Ambode wants the Ibos vote, he should canvass for it.”

Omolaja Nofiu, who identified himself as a Yoruba man, condemned the monarch’s style of “forcing people against their consciences, legal rights and freedom.”

He described such style as Satanic.

He added, “It is time that individuals must take a stand to allow light to triumph over darkness, truth over continuous lies, genuine democracy over illegal and ungodly domination and god-fatherism in Lagos and by extension, Nigeria.

“Nobody has the legal right to determine the destiny of people by coercing them to vote against their consciences. It is illegal, evil and Satanic. This is a dangerous precedence that only bond-slaves and those who have no God, will collude with.

“(President Goodluck) Jonathan too must prove to the world that the genuine safety of Nigerians is important to him than his personal interest, by providing effective police security at the polls (and military on the streets). That must be continuous, otherwise another type of Boko-Area-Boys may emerge in Lagos soon against non-indigenes.

One Uwawaren DazzlingSmile contended that Akiolu’s outburst was hypocritical, telling the monarch to remember that he was only entitled to one vote.

He said, “How can you support a man who wants to impose his choice on others in a democracy. Oba sir, you are entitled to only one vote. Use it to vote for Ambode for all I care; it is one man one vote.

“Lagos does not belong to you. God Almighty is the owner of Lagos. He can depose you or take your life, if it pleases him. Remember Nebuchadnezzar, Saddam (Hussein), (Sani) Abacha, etc. God is watching!”

D Truth described the reported comments of the Oba as unbelievable.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing, just unbelievable; how dare him say such? Thought Tinubu says this man has integrity. Now I understand what he meant,” he added.

Prisoner of Conscience believed the royal father goofed to have made such an outburst.

It says, “I think the Oba really erred to have made such uncompromising statements which he needs to formally address. But on the other hand, going to have a closed door meeting with an Oba and going there with a voice recorder is an insult on the Crown. Access to smart phones is not access to madness; our royal institutions must be kept royal.”

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