18: Entering The Drug World

Chapter 18.

While i worked at the Uncle’s place, i searched for something else to do.

Life suddenly opened up with the Resident permit Card.

I could easily travel out of Italy and return without having any immigration problems.
Therefore when the business of travelling to Ivory Coast to bring in Cocain from Africa to Europe came up, i didn’t think twice before agreeing to go.

Basil was his name. He said he lived in Bijlmer Amsterdam.
I met him at Aunty Adesuwa’s wedding in Castel Volturno.

Basil approached me to become his girlfriend. He said he liked me very much and invited me to Amsterdam.
It was an opportunity to leave Italy for the first time.
If not that i wanted to preserve my respect, i would have followed him back to Amsterdam the following day but being a woman, it wasn’t advisable. I needed to make things a little difficult for him, therefore i told him that i would come to Amsterdam to visit him when i have time.

One week later, i traveled to Amsterdam.
All along, i didn’t know how big and beautiful Europe was until i made that Journey to Amsterdam.

The experience was enormous. It was my first time to fly.
I left the Napoli international Airport that fateful morning and landed at the Schiphol International Airport Amsterdam after almost 2 hours in the air.

Back at the Napoli airport, i was amazed at how the airport was organised.
Everyone went about his or her business. Everywhere was smooth, even the floors.

“Where is the flight to Amsterdam?” I asked a white man.

He asked for my ticket and when i gave him, he directed me to the Vueling Counter where i picked up my boarding pass.

Basil was at the Amsterdam Airport before i landed. The Amsterdam Airport was even bigger compared to the one in Napoli.

Basil and I walked downstairs from the Amsterdam Airport arrival hall straight to a Train Station Underground. From there, we entered a train to the City Center where we ate before taking another smaller train to a place called Bijlmer.

At the train station where we stopped in Bijlmer, i saw many Black people walking around.

“Why are there too many blacks here?” I asked Basil.

He said that Bijlmer was a Sub-City in Amsterdam where 95 percent of all the Nigerians in Holland lived.

“Bijlmer was built when it was imminent that the Indigenous South Africans would take Power from the whites. The Dutch Government thought that the Indigenous South Africans would send their citizens back to Europe. As a result, they built this city to accommodate them. But When Mandela took Power, he asked the whites not to go; so the city remained empty. For that reason, the Dutch Government started renting the apartments to foreigners. That’s how the blacks occupied the place” Basil Explained.

When we got down to the Strandvliet train Station in Bijlmer, we walked to the apartment where Basil shared with another Igbo man.

As soon as we entered the apartment, i saw three other men working on some white powdered substance. I didn’t know what it was but judging by the way they worked on it, i was sure it must have been a very important substance.

“What are those people doing in the Parlour?” I asked Basil when we entered his bedroom.

“They are preparing the stuff for export” he replied.

“Export, what is that white thing?” I continued.

“That’s Called Cocain” Basil said.


I have heard so much about cocain in the past. I heard it made people rich and put many in prisons in many countries but that was my first time of coming face to face with that dangerous stuff.

“So where are they taking those ones?” I asked.

“England, those balls are going to London” He said.

I asked why they were tying it in balls.

“That is to make it easy for the birds to swallow it” Basil said.

“Birds swallow it? How can birds swallow that big balls and how do you get them out of the bird’s stomach?” i probed more.

From the way Basil laughed, it was apparent that i knew nothing about Cocain and how it was processed in Europe.

“Birds are human beings” He said amidst laughter, “They swallow the balls and take them to other countries, then they bring them out through the anus when they get there” He said.

“Oh OK, i understand now. How much do you people pay them?” I asked.

“It depends on where the bird is flying to. Birds from South America are more expensive compared to birds from Africa. Birds flying around Europe are generally cheaper. From here to England will fetch 2000 Euros for one Kilo. But those from Africa to Holland here takes 3000 Euros for the same quantity. There are people who swallow more than One and Half Kilo, the more they swallow, the more money they make” Basil said.

As he spoke to me, the picture got clearer. People who transported Cocain around the World were known as birds. Their job was to swallow the stuff and take it to anywhere it was destined to go.

It sounded so easy to me and as a result, i asked Basil if i could become a bird too.

“Yes, you can be a bird if you want” He said.

“Wow! Thanks” I said to him.

Little did i know that the birds were the people in demand. Basil might have even invited me to Amsterdam and deliberately made it possible for me to see the stuff. He must have known that i would ask questions concerning it. He was an Igbo man, very clever set of businessmen.

“So how do i start?” I asked Basil.

“You can go to Africa, we have some stuff in Ivory Coast and Senegal. We will buy your ticket and give you money for hotel and other expenses” He said.

It sounded like an opportunity to me. I was going to make 3000 Euros by swallowing one Kilogram of Cocain from Ivory Coast to Amsterdam.
That was a lot of money and i was determined to do the business before returning to Italy.

I was no longer going to be receiving 50 and 100 Euros from uncle and other customers, i was going to make a lot of money at once.
Thanks to Basil for the opportunity.

Though it sounded easy but right inside me, i knew there could be much more to it.

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