Ebola: Society asks Jonathan to close Nigeria’s borders

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The International Emergency Management Society has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to urgently close all the land and sea borders of Nigeria with other West African countries immediately.

The Chairman of the West African chapter of TIEMS, AVM Muhammad Audu-Bida, (rted), said in a statement on Friday that the closure of the nation’s borders along the West African Coast was necessary to prevent the influx of the deadly Ebola virus that had killed 932 people in West Africa.

Audu-Bida faulted the position of the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, that the isolated Ebola incident in the country was not enough to close the nation’s borders against her neighbours.

He said it was important for the nation’s borders to be shut so that the existing ebola cases in the country could be effectively tackled.

He stated also that the borders should be shut to prevent infected people and corpses from being moved into the country.

The retired general said, “It is high time we reconsider our stance as declared by the Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, last week that an isolated case was not enough to shut the nation’s borders against its neighbours.

“Now that the Federal Government has declared an emergency over Ebola disease, we must as a matter of utmost urgency close the borders from countries that are worst affected so as to manage the cases that we have at hand.”

Audu-Bida noted that several countries were taking extra-ordinary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

He cited the example of Saudi Arabia that had taken the drastic decision to prevent pilgrims from affected West African countries from taking part in the 2014 Hajj.

He recalled that the United States and the United Kingdom were closely monitoring tourists from West Africa in order to prevent the virus from being moved into the country.

He lamented the brazen display of wickedness by the late Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, who knew he had the virus, and was urinating deliberately on health workers in Lagos with the intention to infect them with the virus.

Audu-Bida, former Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency, also urged the federal and state governments to ensure proper equipment of all the designated hospitals in order to secure health workers and volunteers against the deadly virus.

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