Dyke confident of Euro bid win

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FA chairman Greg Dyke is confident of winning the Euro 2020 semi-final and final bid.
The bid is to take place today with Germany and England being the front-runners, and Dyke believes there is a good chance the final two rounds will be held at Wembley Stadium.
”Euro 2020 is a different sort of tournament because it’s obviously being played all over Europe,” He told Sky Sports.
”We’ve bid for the semi-finals and the finals. We’re down to two, between us and Germany who will want them played in Munich. Munich’s a great stadium but we feel we’ve got a pretty good chance.
”Wembley’s a great stadium. It holds a lot of people and you can dress it up to be very exciting, everybody thinks Wembley is one of the great stadiums in the world now.
”The two Champions League finals there have been a great success so if it comes to Wembley, we’re very happy with Wembley.”
Dyke explained that the FA may put in a bid for Euro 2028 but plays down the idea of bidding for the World Cup with Sepp Blatter as President of FIFA.
”If we get the finals for 2020, it’s unlikely we would be awarded Euro 2024 but we may well bid for Euro 2028.” Dyke added.
”We will bid again for the World Cup at some stage but I wouldn’t be as optimistic of our chances as I would be for the Euros.
”The politics of FIFA are very strange. Every country in the world will now have a vote on that instead of going to the executive. I don’t know whether that means more manoeuvring or less. We’ve taken the decision that we won’t bid for another World Cup while Mr. Blatter is there.” 

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