Did Government shut Nairaland Down?

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Nairaland, our parent website has been down and offline since Yesterday. If not that i don’t pray for what humans can solve, i would have asked us to pray for it because it remains our online home for news and entertainment.

Seun Osewa the owner isn’t saying anything since yesterday except that “I am Sorry” and “It might be worse that you think”.

We the Nairalanders deserve to know what is going on. He has thousands of followers both on twitter and Facebook and all of them are eager to know what is happening.

Rumour has it that it was shut down by the Government for promoting tribal discrimination and inciting hatred among Nigerians.
Another said it was because of its campaign against Nigerian Leadership.

For the record, i don’t believe both, i think it is related to host server.

If anybody has information, let us know.

Nairalanders remains our beloved forum.


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  1. princesaamy

    joining the campaign here sir. #bringnackourwww.nairaland.com

  2. Error 522 Ray ID:
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    As a result, the web page can
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    website: Please try again in a few
    minutes. If you’re the owner of this
    website: Contact your hosting provider
    letting them know your web
    server is not completing
    requests. An Error 522 means
    that the request was able to
    connect to your web server, but that the request didn’t
    finish. The most likely cause is
    that something on your server
    is hogging resources. Additional troubleshooting
    information here. CloudFlare Ray ID: 13f239525b9c02b5 Your IP: Help Performance & security by Honestly i am missing nairaland.I wonder what is wrong with it.i thought its only me seeing that.

  3. Thought it was only me ooo. Hmmm. This is something else. Was seun sabotaged or what? watching the development with keen eyes.

  4. Am confused about dat, completly!

  5. Pity!

  6. My day have been so boring since yesterday without Nairaland

  7. I was using nairaland ystday Wen it hpnd, I tot it was frm my phone connection. I ve been trying to log in to no avail. Now I knw dat I m addicted to nairaland. pls #bringbackournairaland

  8. Give us all World Cup news here abeg


  10. I hate 9ja

    i have been experiencing the shutdown since sunday

  11. I hate 9ja

    sunday night thereabout

  12. Snowprince

    like seriously I thought I was d only 1 experiencing dis.I hope its not abt d government ish coz I cant just do without dat site oo

  13. Snowprince

    pls seun shud work on it Asap

  14. ikachi81

    Seun should come out and tell us what’s up either thru emails or other mediums. We the followers can fight for it. Those above excuses does not make sense to me too as u rightly said. Seun shud pls speak out.

  15. Oh our dear nairaland the site dat bring succor to d heartbroken and smile to our faces wat had befell you? we d nairalanders are mourning for you to come back to life asap

  16. It’s a pity NL is down. While you’re waiting, you might want to try out a site called http://www.doubleforum.com – it looks more promising to even NL. I have signed up and i am having fun. Has more of social network features. I like it

  17. Ben Akpan

    The government did not bring down NairaLand or any other thing sinister like that in my opinion. From what I can tell, their database has crashed and it generally takes a long time to rebuild all the data. This is obviously a flaw in their operation and something that needs to be addressed going forward.

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