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Dear fans,
I have told some of our readers that i am down with sickness. It Started on Thursday after mixing different kinds of Whisky.
I will be going to the hospital tomorrow.

I have written and scheduled tomorrow’s updates.
Season 7 ends tomorrow.

We are likely to have a break which could be up to three or four days but if i get well enough before then, we will continue to Run.
I want you to know that i will start Season 8 as soon as i am good enough to remember names and places. As it is now, i can’t think well and can’t even drive.
Thanks for the forced patience. Sometimes we can’t win.
– Ozoigbondu.

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43 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I wish you quick recovery

  2. Papoo Owoh

    First to comment since choi pple dey para ooo

  3. Papoo Owoh

    Sorry bro quick recovery

  4. Get well soon zubby

  5. Wish u quick recovery zuby

  6. lightbearer

    Get well soon Zubby.Cheers!

  7. austino zürich mann

    Boss u gonna win.,it just a matter of time just take the right drugs u gonna get well soon boss…we do miss u so much….we pray for ur safe recovery…be strong and happy boss…

  8. Get Well soon bro, will pray for you.

  9. Shisha_dealer

    The lord is ur strength Zuby, get well soon So we can continue Running together…….. peace

  10. Samsanyus

    Get well soon Zuby, I wish you quick recovery. Rest well for the next season. Where are we going next season?

  11. Pls stop taking whisky and mixed drinks,drink plenty of water rather.rise and be healed in the name of Jesus.Amen!

  12. lightbearer

    Get well soon Zubby, Cheers!

  13. Anonymous

    Get well soon bro.

  14. Quick recovery zuby. Take all d time to rest

  15. with God all things are possible,

    your healing is sure winning and victory….

    God bless and healed u in jesus name, Amen

  16. sorry homie….. get fit to run with us again.

  17. Anonymous

    Quick recovery ozoigbondu.

  18. wish you a quick recovery boss. we are always with you. in good times and in bad times.

  19. Safest and quickest recovery

  20. Crave4Stan

    Chai, doh bro

  21. Wishing U quickest Recovery 2 U, d Balm of Gilet is neva exhausted nor tired, Get well soon bro

  22. horlabiyi

    Get well soon bro

  23. infct, will be fasting and praying for you ooo…… Pls get well for i can’t afford to miss the update for a single moment !!

  24. Get well soon bro… Take your time, health is wealth nwannem.

  25. May God strengthen you. Can’t wait to have u back in good health

  26. Get well soon man,we need u as fast as possible

  27. quick recovery.. ad slow down on d whiskey

  28. Hope u get well soon ! But I have an advice for u , you are no longer 28 and no longer stays in Europe where weather is always cold … so try as possible as you can to stop drinking whisky to avoid STROKE … The earlier you stop the better for you .. Again I wish you fast recovery …

  29. Get well soon Bro.

  30. Wishing you a quick recovery .

    Get welll soon broda……!

  31. Zuby so na whisky finally knack u down hahaha 🙂 now I c ur anitode WHISKY. If u want to trap d Ikuku amanoya , use whisky.
    For my daily dosage , get well soon bro

  32. Zuby so na whisky finally knack u down hahaha 🙂 now I c ur anitode WHISKY. If u want to trap d Ikuku amanoya , use whisky.
    For my daily dosage , get well soon bro
    Nothing mega

  33. oga sorry o
    get well soon

  34. Zacchaeus

    Zuby, please stop whiskey. No matter how good it is now , it has latent negative effect. We like and wish quick recovery.

  35. My chief runner,I wish u a gud and quick health recovery..pls take all ur medication properly

    Wish u all d best

  36. Zini Zara

    get well soon dear

  37. Take care of your health and watch out for gout – hard liquor and a rich diet can cause problems.

  38. I wish you quick recovery and long life

  39. Mixture of different kinds of Whisky kai Oga Zubby. But wait, hospital! Wow I use 2 think alcohol cannot do anything 2 u. Sorry, just ve enough rest n u ll just b fine.

  40. Get well soon bro

  41. Get well soon.

  42. The drinks was from Robin’s marriage last week.Oga Zubby biko our weather and europe aburo ofu ife.
    Get well soon okemadu.

  43. Haaaa….the great Ozoigbodu is down due to mixture, choi!!! Na wa ooo. Get well bro.

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