Dear Runners

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Dear Runners,

Just like i promised yesterday, we will get three updates again today.

I will be going to Enugu in the morning, if i am able to finish what i am going there to do on time, we will get another three tomorrow.
Meanwhile, we already have two for tomorrow and two for day after tomorrow.

Some important updates are coming up. Drop your comments for encouragement.

Thanks for running behind me, I would have stopped running if nobody was seen chasing me.

– Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

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16 Responses

  1. Konmight

    Thanks Boss.

    Journey Mercy.

  2. DMayor101

    Bros i hail…your adventures na die…more ink to ur pen ooo

  3. Owkai….still i chase.

  4. Adaugo77

    Lmao we re cheasing u oo zuby

  5. meexteeriox

    I’m happy to be among d runners, I must run bcos sumtin is chasing me.

  6. and i wont stop chasing u….. go well.

  7. Amoto Luckie

    Jrney mercy @Zuby d runner. Running wit u bro

  8. More grease to your elbow mr zuby

  9. I might be late but not abrent in commenting/chasing.

  10. Am a loyal runner representing d city of red soil

  11. keeping d runing going zuby

  12. This is the first time I have commented here. Meanwhile, I’ave been following since from nairaland. Great Job my Hero, remain blessed.

  13. Anyi no gi na azu my brother…. Carry on.

  14. i have recommended globalruns to all my whatsapp friends,both male n female and some of them are here including my gf who is a ghost reader. Lets keep running around Europe,but zuby,are we going to run in America and china? Pls don’t run back to Africa yet.i want to run in jet li legs.

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