Dear Runners.

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I apologise for the little delay in updating global runs..
I have been busy making arrangements for my visit to Asia.

Thankfully I am in China at the moment.
Every visit to a new part of the world means another story for you.
The updates will begin in a few days since I have settled down a bit in this new strange environment.

We will keep running.

Still we run.

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14 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    You never stop running. Enjoy your stay there. Still I run. ‘Edipee’

  2. eunisam

    May the God keep you safe.

    we never chin chon ching as the story will take a new dimension.

    Zuby ka anyi gaaa na iru

  3. obumsway

    oga boss ……….. You too much …… China now ??? Ibeg wat of maria ? Hope to see when u will get married

  4. Muhamadnur

    Hope you visit saudi arabia and know that the west and the fake religion. Is not as islam. Because i know your faith was shaking after reading some books.

  5. sonickay

    Nice one Zuby, good to know you are back on the track. We cant wait to hear from you, mother luck will always keep you safe. Mi hao.

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