Day 5: Nairaland Back but not Functional

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We reported Yesterday that Our dear Nairaland has returned Online.
Due to the fact that almost all our Global Runners came from Nairaland, we felt it was our duty to keep you updated on the issues related to the forum since the management refused to release information on that.

As we reported yesterday, Nairaland returned back online but there is still a huge problem.

The Great Forum was rolled back to the beginning of the year 2014 which means that about six months of data are still missing. Loosely translated, it means that everything you posted on Nairaland since the beginning of this year are no longer there.

Members have also not been able to login or make new posts.
The little information we got from the management stated that, and i quote “Nairaland is trying to recover from an attack that led to data loss. Please bear with us”.

No individual or organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack.
We sympathize with the management and wish them fast recovery. Many people earn their living from the great forum and that is enough reason why we must all support the management through this bad times.

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9 Responses

  1. just glad it is recovering.they is no maximum or guranteed security anywhere in the world.even NTA was partialy tempered with last week.when i tried surfing through globalruns yesterday after the match between agentine n 9ja, it wasn’t opening and i was like what is happening. Has what happend to d mother site happend to globalruns? Zuby abeg muru anya oh.

  2. Dannyboy

    Na wa oo! Whoever is being this attack,eh…….

  3. Zuby, I disagree with you. You said that no individual has taken responsibility? Well, that old daughter of former oyo state governor Kemi Olunloyo claimed on twitter that she was the one that hacked nairaland

  4. Akarolo are you serious ?

  5. Many file would be lost and thread would go back to the maximun of one year….. it’s the hand work of younghacker’s… Those guys are bad oo….. Those guys no dey play local league oo na international….. Those guys attack 2go for 3 good days and after one week, watssap came out… Trust me facebook is next on the line…… Those guys plenty for Enugu wela… Hahahaha you must be a snake,to recognize another snake…. ( Note: am not a menber of younghacker but am a menber of the great CAT )

  6. Akarolo maybe she might have paid younghackers to do it……. ( i must spoil their name after all them they spoil our name! )……. Mumu people na nairaland them they hack while their mate they play global league abi them no see china??

  7. The Kemi Olunloyo is an attention seeker.

  8. 01emek, y r u contradicting ursef? In ur 1st post u said d so-called younghackers don’t play local league but international league and in ur 2nd post u now said their mates play global league. So what the heck are u saying?

  9. What i mean by international league and local ; am just trying to tell you how good this guys are…..

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