Day 4: Nairaland Down and Offline

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Update on Nairaland: Day 4.

We are yet to know the actual reason behind the sudden disappearance of the Largest Online Community in Africa Known as Nairaland.
This is gradually heading to the Chibok Girls style, and other ways of handling things in Nigeria.
After crying out for the first two days, the dedicated members have started to look elsewhere for information. The activities on smaller websites has increased dramatically, indicating that people who usually got their information from the massive database of Nairaland are now sourcing for information elsewhere.
For instance, Global Runs which used to record 12000 page views a day has doubled up in the later three days. While it is good for the Global Runs, we still want our Nairaland back Online.

Like we said yesterday, the management of Nairaland and the Management of NCC are not helping matters; NCC didn’t answer their phone calls while Seun Osewa, the Nairaland owner hasn’t released a revealing information on what happened.
We the Nairaland members can only hope and pray that our dear website return back online as soon as possible.
Some of the thriving websites in Nigeria today, including are offshoots of the great Nairaland.

Even if nobody is coming up with tangible information about what happened to the online community, we appeal to whoever individual or organisation that was responsible for the downtime to please hear the cries of the people and return the website back on the World Wide Web.

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10 Responses

  1. It’s sad for people whose sole source of livelihood is nairaland.
    Selling Cars, Gadgets, Property and the like.

    They deserve at least an explanation.

  2. A lot of people are going to loose their means of livelihood with this Nairaland downtime.

    So sad.

    But I believe why Seun is not saying anything is so that he doesn’t put himself into more trouble with the Government that shut him down.

    This is the result of the multi million dollar deal nigeria signed with the israeli ICT company to monitor our cyberspace.

    So sad.

  3. Well i think there is a kind of conspiracy attachted to the downfall of nairaland…. Hahaha Younghackers at work! Trust me zuby, it a matter of time before they attack globalrun and naijaloaded….. This guys are paid to hack site which would lead to the emergence of another great site( that is how they feed and we have spys )..! That where the conspiracy comes in…! It’s a secret plan to commit a crime….. I know it! I said it in a thread under tecnology section in nairaland ( i own that section *tongue out* ) but nobody wanna listen…… Well that’s my opinion and it should be respected….. ( i just pray its not the hand work of younghackers )..

  4. @01emek.
    You may have a point.

  5. That is the hand work of younghackers.
    I miss my girlfriend Nairaland!

  6. Joe Dejana

    Nairaland is back

  7. Joe Dejana

    I’m commenting from the future.

  8. For a very long time i have not commented on this site Zubby your work is very nice and i like what you are doing on this forum but that not withstanding NAIRALAND is still our home i miss nairaland so dearly but thank God (even though you dont believe in Him) for gLOBALRUNS

  9. Lagos Boy

    Please Zuby as we wait for Nairaland to come up, kindly feed us with news update you can lay your hands on. We are getting some but it’s not much. I don’t have another source of information besides Nairaland, I have been wounded, I don’t know where else to go for news updates with crazy comments

  10. the issue is not NCC related. I see it as a hosting related issue which can be resolved by pointing the domain to a new host.

    For Job vacancies, we can all rely on for daily job vacancies until our Great Nairaland comes up again.

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