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“THANK God,” Jane whispered to herself and sighed in relief.

It was all over.

She had quickly left for Michael’s apartment when she reported to Inspector Jack that Brenda wasn’t picking her calls after going over to Michael’s place and he told her that they were going to the latter’s compound since the two officers he set up to watch Michael were not answering their calls. Brad had agreed to join her there, but he was still on his way.

On arrival, the officers had quickly broken down Michael’s door, only to realize the revelation of the worst of their fears. Luckily, they had earlier arrested the fugitive Professor McLeod in another African country, and the information he had willingly given the investigators had immensely helped Dr. Ryan in the setting up of the system they had used in disabling and capturing the Cyber Lover.

Jane ran over to Brenda and Michael, who were being escorted to an ambulance by two police officers. “Brenda!” she called out as she came up. An officer prevented her from getting closer. “I’m her friend,” she affirmed, annoyance welling up from within her.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” the officer soothingly replied, “but your friends are too tired to see you now. They both need medical examination and rest before they can see anyone.”

“Jane,” Brenda began when she realized who was trying to get to her. Michael was being told to go into the vehicle, but he refused to go in, coming to stand beside her instead. The events of the past few hours had all but drained her strength. “Jane,” she tried again and the officers allowed her friend some room, but stopped them from hugging each other. “Jane,” she repeated, looking up.

“Yes, Brenda…I’m here. It’s alright now.”

“No, Jane, it’s not alright,” sobbed her friend. “There’s something I could have tried to make out a long time ago and told you, but I…I just couldn’t get myself to…to…”

“Brenda, what is it?” began Jane, bewildered.

“It’s B-Brad, Jane…. It’s about B-Brad!”

“And what about him?” she was asked. “He told me he’s coming over, but I haven’t seen him yet. What about him, Brenda? Do you need to see him? I can call him right now if you want me to.”

“No, Jane,” negated Brenda, tears now streaming down her cheeks. “Brad has been here all this while, Jane.”

“And what do you mean, Brenda? I – I don’t understand.”

“He is Cain, Jane…B-Brad is Cain.”

Jane was dumbfounded.

*     *     *

The body bags holding Nimrod and his nefarious group were first brought out of Michael’s apartment. Brad came out in handcuffs, followed by Officers Kennedy, Daniel, Inspectors Jack and Bromsbey as well as Dr. Ryan. An officer had thrown a robe over the shackled man’s nakedness for decency’s sake, but he still painted a picture of shameful defeat and embarrassment.

Jane was still in shock when they stopped before the ambulance. She couldn’t even look him in the eyes. He was avoiding hers as well. “H-How?” she finally let out, almost covering her face in shame. The tears were itching to explode from her eyes, but bravely she looked up. “H-How is this possible, Brad? You – You couldn’t possibly be Cain, right?”

“Yes he is, Jane,” confirmed Inspector Jack, looking over to Dr. Ryan for support.

“This is not Brad!” vehemently fumed Jane. “I refuse to believe it’s him! Brad is on his way here, Inspector Jack! This man is an imposter!”

“You’re right again, Miss,” replied the inspector. “He is not Brad.”

“But . . . ” confusedly began Jane. “You just said that…”

“Dr. Ryan?” interjected Inspector Bromsbey. Jane’s confusion was expected.

The scientist nodded, and stepped forward. “How long have you known Mr. Brad Stephens, Miss?” he asked Jane.

“Ever since I met him in school,” she replied, turning to Inspector Bromsbey. “He…He’s my fiancé, officer.”

“I see,” said the man from Scotland Yard. “Well, Miss Damascus…I’ll leave it to Dr. Ryan to fill you in on this.”

The scientist cleared his throat. “For starters, Miss Damascus, your boyfriend’s name is not Brad Stephens. His real name is Steve Johnson and he is a wanted man in sixteen western countries. INTERPOL has a warrant out for him.”

“I don’t believe you,” cried Jane, immediately bursting into tears.

The scientist continued. “Brad here, a.k.a. Steve, has a crime syndicate operating from Greece. You name it…prostitution, drug peddling, assassinations…the whole works!”

“We still don’t know how he got to know about the existence of a Swedish team of scientists working on a top secret affair for three major countries in the UN Security Council,” added Bromsbey, arms akimbo. “But we now know that he induced an important contributor to this work into developing a product for him from this mission.”

“For three million dollars, Miss Damascus,” resumed Dr. Ryan, “one of us, a certain brilliant scientist, Professor Floyde McLeod, who is now in custody after being apprehended in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was made to reveal the secrets of Biomoleculodynamic Invisibility to your boyfriend, and help him fashion out an invisible suit from this process. This molecular suit also made him ten times stronger than the average adult male.”

“Bio what?” Jane could not believe her ears. It all sounded like something from a science fiction novel. Although she had stopped crying, she still felt the tears welling up. “Officer, you are making me the more confused,” she whimpered. How could Brad be someone else? And what shame!

“Well,” continued Dr. Ryan, “to cut a long story short, Brad here has been using the weapon he was given to assassinate your friend’s ex-lovers, as well as carry on with his dirty dealings in the criminal underworld of Europe, such as stealing diamonds and money from major Switz banks. Thank God we accosted Prof McLeod soon enough, because he was the only one with the destabilizing gas for the suit.”

It was clear that the scientist was confusing everybody, Jane the most. She shook her head several times as if trying to clear it of the bewildering information it had just been loaded with.

“I guess that explains it all,” concluded Inspector Jack.

“What of Brenda’s seizures? How do you explain that?” stammered Jane.

“Brenda’s headaches were caused by a tracer, which our friend here had injected into her bloodstream, probably while she was asleep at night, so that he could detect when she was unconsciously angered by her breakups and who she was specifically angry with, and then go on to perform the murders,” smoothly replied Dr. Ryan, “and whenever she’s angry and has activated this tracer, it chemically affects her brain, causing her to call out the names of these men.”

He raised his right hand in order to stop Jane from asking another question before continuing: “At the cyber café, Brad was sitting right next to Brenda and sending his replies to her via an invisible top secret electronic gadget, which Professor McLeod had also fashioned him with from our top secret laboratory.” The scientist knew what the girl was about to ask him.

Michael let out a low whistle and Jane angrily turned to Brad. “How could you, Brad?” she cried in despair. “What did I do to deserve this?” But her former fiancé wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at Brenda. “Be a man and look at me, Brad or whatever your name is, when I ask you a question!” shouted Jane.

“But why should I?” he queried her. “Why should I do that when it’s your friend here who caused all this in the first place?” Brenda looked away. “Why don’t you tell her, Brenda? What are you hiding?”

“Tell me what, Brad? What more is there to tell?”

“I don’t think…” Brenda was lost for words.

“You don’t think what, my love?” threw in Brad. “You don’t think this is the time to reveal it all?”

“I am not your love, Brad!” Brenda stressed, but he continued.

“You don’t think you should tell them that I’ve been sleeping with you all the time you had someone with you?”

“What?” Jane was very confused now. Brenda made to reach out to her and she struck away her hand.

“Jane,” said her friend. “It’s…It’s not what you think…he-he forced me into it…he usually came to me as Cain every other night to…to sleep with me…he raped me every other night!”

“How can I believe you, Brenda?” Jane asked her. Brad chuckled, but Michael stepped forward.

“I think I know what was happening, Jane,” he told Brenda’s forlorn friend. “Brad was sleeping with Brenda as an invisible man called Cain. In fact, he was raping Brenda every other night and I know you cannot just believe your friend, but the proof of what Brad can do is right here before us today. That should be enough reason to be convinced about your friend’s truthfulness, Jane.” Brenda was grateful for this help and took him by the arm.

Jane turned to Brad again. No wonder he’d tried very hard to dissuade her from helping Brenda! No wonder he’d wanted her to leave Brenda alone! So that he could have a free rein on the poor girl! It was all falling into place now! The sexual pervert! He knew he was cornered this time. “Brad, how could you?” she whispered tearfully.

“Didn’t you know?” snarled the prisoner. “Brenda is more beautiful than you, Jane! I’ve always dreamt of sleeping with her! And when you started refusing me all my desires, I just had to device a means of getting the one thing I had never been able to get ever since I met you!”

She slapped him. Hard.

“You pig!” she screamed, and the officers quickly stopped another slap from landing on Brad’s face. “You only wanted to sleep with the two of us! You only wanted to defile the both of us!”

“He-he-he-he,” chuckled her ex-fiancé. “I guess I succeeded, and my name is not Brad!”

Michael was faster than the cops surrounding them. His fist landed on Brad’s lower jaw and it broke before the other man was sent flying off at a dangerous angle and crashed to the floor, naked.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” whispered Michael as the officers restrained him.

Steve, a.k.a. Brad, was groaning painfully as he was forced up by policemen, and Dr. Ryan turned to Jane with a grin. “Actually, Miss Damascus,” he said, “you and your friends got it all wrong about Brad, a.k.a. Johnson, and Brenda . . . he never slept with Brenda.”

“What?” exclaimed Michael, Jane and Brenda at the same time.

“That’s a lie!” retorted Brad. “I did many nights.” He was still rubbing his painful jaw.

“No, you did not, Mr. Johnson. Professor McLeod couldn’t tell you the biological consequence of sleeping with another human being while connected to the technology we were developing, so he deceived you into thinking you were doing so whenever you went to Brenda’s house by devising a series of euphoric systems you initiate whenever you try to make love with another person. Systems that actually make you feel you’re sleeping with somebody when in fact you’re just lying close to the person and he or she is being excited by the system itself, and not you. I don’t think I’m authorized to explain more than I already have.”

“That’s a lie!” snapped the man they used to know as Brad. “It’s not true!”

“It’s true, Mr. Johnson,” affirmed Inspector Jack. “Now, take him away,” he ordered the men holding the man.

“Wow . . . thank God for that,” let out Jane as Brad, a.k.a. Johnson, was being dragged away, and turned to hug Brenda, who was still not herself. “It’s over, dear . . . it’s really over now.”

“Is it? Oh, Jane . . . .” Brenda sounded relieved and Michael was smiling.

“That’s good news, then,” he said. All the lingering doubts he had about Brenda being wayward seemed to have evaporated in the last few minutes. Thank God for that.

*     *     *

Michael did not go to work the next day. More so, since he didn’t want to stay in his apartment any longer after the blood-spilling and mayhem that had taken place there the day before, he got a room in a hotel and stayed there for the night.

Brenda came the next day to meet him in the hotel room. She didn’t come as early as she was supposed to.

“Why did you keep me waiting, dear?” he wanted to know. “What kept you so long?”

“I went to the cyber café,” she replied.

“To do what?” he enquired with a grin.

“You know, I checked to see if Cain was really gone. I wanted to be sure that he won’t come into my life again.” She had spent the remaining part of the other day filing a report with the cops on Brad’s nightly escapades with her. She just hoped he was finally gone for good.

Michael was glad that it was all over. He was sure that Cain had left them for good. Brad a.k.a. Steve, would have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. He was determined to be with Brenda; nothing was going to make him let her go. He only hoped that her friend, Jane, would pull through all this as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe a better man is just waiting for her around the corner!

Brenda, on her part, had felt vindicated the day before as soon as the corps rushed into that room and brought Cain into existence with all that science. Now nobody would doubt the existence of Cain, nobody will think she was crazy.

The best of yesterday’s event was when Michael held unto her and whispered in her ear that he would never let her go. She knew instantly that she had found true love even though the price initially seemed too high.

Right now, in the hotel, Michael stared at her for a long time with so much affection. “So was he there?” he asked.

“No, there was no sign of him.” She walked into his open arms and they hugged each other, they remained silent for a while, then Brenda asked, “Can you tell me something, Michael?”

“What is it?” He was looking straight into her eyes.

“You said that in your life time, you have only done two brave things, right?”


“I know the first is sending Nimrod to jail that first time; what is the second?”

“The second bravest thing would have been falling in love with you, but after yesterday’s event, it is now standing by the girl I love even at the point of death. You know what? I was ready to die for you yesterday and that was when I truly realized how much I loved you.”

She smiled. “That’s cool, but I want to know what you have always thought was your second bravest act before we met.”

“Well,” he said, looking up and pretending to be thinking. “It is having the patience to wait for the right girl to come into my life. Having the patience to wait for you, my dear, all this while. Don’t you think that was brave?”

She looked at him and they both laughed.

He kissed her and she felt her whole body yield to his touch. She allowed her body to enjoy the sensation of his passionate touch.

She knew she would enjoy this with him for the rest of her life.


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Frank Anozie is a graduate of psychology from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa. He had his early life in the northern part of Nigeria and did his secondary education in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Frank had always had a flare for writing, but it took him an in-depth study of Human psychology to discover that he actually had a talent in writing.

Mr. Frank has in his archive a host of unpublished stories, which he can’t wait to publish for the whole world to see. CYBER LOVER is his first published novel and like he always says, “the world should get ready for me.”

some of his unpublished stories include: Tenth Generation, Secrets of the Gods, Extreme Encounter, Reincarnation, The Religion, Perfect couple(Adults only), Locked In (Family)

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