Cyber Lover: What Happened in Michael’s Apartment

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MICHAEL was just coming out from the bathroom when the doorbell rang.

“I am coming!”

He was sure it was Brenda because nobody else knew he was in town.

Michael had been eagerly waiting to see her since he announced to her that he was back over the phone, not only because he was sure that what she was about to tell him was extremely important, but also because he really missed her. He also wanted to know how she had been faring since the last time they were together, given the psychological trauma she had been going through. He was also thinking of what he was going to tell her. How he was going to deliver the bombshell he was about to tell her.

His heart rate began to beat faster. He hoped that she wouldn’t hear it.

He hurriedly put on black jeans and without bothering to wear a shirt, he went to open the door.

Brenda was standing in front of the door looking like a real beautiful angel.

The effect she had on him was even stronger than he had imagined. He felt his legs go weak and thought he won’t be able to control his emotions with Brenda in his home. All he desired at the moment was to shower her with all the love his whole energy could give.

He immediately determined in his mind that nothing was ever going to take her away from him. Not even that thing he saw making love to her. And he will help her resolve whatever problem was bothering her since he had been away.

“Brenda, nice to see you, you look so beautiful. Come in.”

‘God!’ thought Brenda. He was not only looking cute; his body was also something else. She felt like hugging him and holding him forever. “Welcome back, Michael,” she said and gently stepped into the beautifully furnished sitting room. Everything about the house reminded her of peace and the psychological effect it had on her was very soothing.

It hurt her to know that she had actually come to stop Michael from loving her.

“I hope you had a nice trip?” she asked as she looked around the house and made herself comfortable on one of the seats. She was wearing a nice short dress and as she sat down, her voluptuous legs came into his full view.

The three paintings behind Michael’s electronics set caught her attention. They were so beautiful, especially the one in the middle. It was a large beautifully framed painting of Michael’s facial features.

She liked it.

“It was okay. I spent half of the time I had there thinking about you.” Then he slowly said, “I missed you, Brenda.”

She looked sharply at him. He was serious and she felt more pain. The look in his eyes showed that he meant every word.

“Michael, we need to talk.”

“I know. Let me dress up, I will be right back. Meanwhile feel free take any drink you want from the fridge.” He quickly left the sitting room.

She didn’t bother to take anything. She would probably throw up if she did.

Michael came in a few minutes later. He was now wearing a white T-shit and looked really good in it. “What is bothering my princess; I hope Cain is not trying anything funny?” He sat down very close to her, “Can you spill it now? I am all ears.”

She looked intensely at him and felt like crying.

She didn’t understand why nature was unfair to her, everything about Michael looked perfect and she would love to have him in her life; she would love to take the risk even though she wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t treat her like her past lovers.

She took her time and told Michael everything about Cain, her ex-lovers and Inspector Jack. She wasn’t courageous enough yet to tell him that his life was in danger.

Michael’s heart was beating. “I heard of these killings but I didn’t know you were somehow connected to it all,” he finally let out. “I also saw you the other day doing something strange. Now I know it was Cain.”

“What was I doing,” she wanted to know.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone…”

“Michael, what was I doing?”

“You…you were making love to…to nothing…empty air.”

“Oh, my God!” She shamefully hid her head in her hands. “He was always coming into my room to…to make love to me every night! I didn’t know what to do, Michael!”

“Don’t worry, dear,” said Michael, trying to be helpful despite the strange situation they were both in. “I – I wanted to end our relationship today due to this…but…but I have decided not to…we can work out something,” he continued. “Besides, I think Cain is your invisible lover…you must know that by now?” She simply nodded. “This means he has been killing your ex-lovers…. Do you know why? Maybe to avenge their leaving you?”

Brenda was already crying. “Cain said he was feeding on my anger and hate for my past lovers. I am not aware of any hate that is so deep that I would want someone to die,” she sobbed.

He stood up and went over to console her. “I believe that there is a solution to all of these. All we need is to be strong and think out something. He kills your ex-lovers not your present lovers. That means I am safe, for now…maybe he killed them because they left you and hurt you in the process.”

“He wants to come after you too, Michael.”

“What? Why? I didn’t do anything,” Michael said in defense. He was still holding her, not planning to let her go. “Guess that rubbishes my theory then,” he bemoaned and scratched his head in frustration.

“He said he wasn’t going to compete with any human for my love.” She looked up at him, “Michael, the only way you can escape Cain’s wrath is to denounce your love for me.”

“But I can’t do that. I can’t denounce my love for you. That is not possible.” He stood up, obviously scared and confused. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t just let you go because of some…computer stranger.” They both knew that Cain was no ‘computer stranger.’ He could physically make love…and kill.

“You have to leave me, Michael!” Brenda began after some time. “This is a matter of life and death. If you don’t, you will give him the opportunity to happily kill again.” Tears flowed from her eyes as she spoke. “I am in love with you, too, Michael, but we just have to let go. I am sorry it has to be this way. I wish I had never tried to chat with anyone on the internet.”

He instantly felt guilty. It was all his fault. He had asked Brenda to spend her time on the internet so that she wouldn’t be alone when she was heartbroken. However, she had started making love to the invisible entity in her room before meeting him. So, it was not her café visits that caused it. Her cyber lover would have found another way to contact her if she hadn’t gone to the internet. This reasoning evaporated his guilt.

“Besides, there are other issues concerning your safety that should be our major concern for now,” she added.

“What issue?” he asked, still not believing that he had to leave Brenda for some internet ghost. He couldn’t imagine leaving her. It was like digging for treasures for years and being asked to throw them away after finding them.

“Nimrod. The guy you told the cops about four years ago. Remember the story you told me?”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Nimrod is still out there, and still looking for me.”

“You know the cops think he’s the guy who murdered Glen? I think Inspector Jack actually believes Glen’s killing was related to the story of my ex-lovers. He wants to see you so that he can get more information about Glen and Nimrod.”

“How can he think they are all connected?” Michael asked in anger, fear and confusion.

“You can’t blame him, Michael. It looks like a web; you, me, Cain, Nimrod and Glen. People are dying, Michael. Take your mind off me and concentrate on helping the cops catch Nimrod. Remember you told me that the bravest thing you had ever done was getting him in jail. This is another chance for you to do it again, Michael. You won’t have that opportunity if you don’t forget about me.” She was pleading with him.

“What are you talking about? I don’t care about being brave. All I care about is you.”

“No, he will kill you if you talk like that. I also think Nimrod might be coming after you. We have to stop you from being hurt from either of them.”

“Don’t give me that nonsense. Nimrod is not the issue here, you are the…”

There was a sharp knock on the door.

They both looked towards the door.

It was an aggressive knock and Brenda thought it was Inspector Jack.

Michael wondered who it was since he wasn’t expecting anybody. Why should somebody knock on his door like that? It made him angrier.

“Who is that?” he asked.

*     *     *

The gang had met them outside the old mall close to Michael’s house. It was getting very dark so Allen had also lost some of his fear. He now strutted about behind Nimrod as his boss addressed the gang members, who were brandishing various weapons and firearms. However, these old loyalists of Nimrod knew him before he went to prison, because still fearing a backlash from the gang due to their having murdered Glen, Allen had simply invited only those who had supported Nimrod for this initial operation, pending an official meeting where Nimrod would be proclaimed as the new gang leader.

“Listen up, everyone!” began Nimrod, smiling. “We gather that Michael is back. We are going to pay him a visit right now.”

“Couldn’t we wait till it’s midnight, boss?” asked Jangfu, a bully-like fellow wielding an AK47.

“No, my friend,” objected his leader. “There are plainclothesmen guarding our target, so we must get to his house before time in order to take care of this headache before knocking on our friend’s door. Linus will open the gates for us, so we will have no problem getting in.”

“What if the police call for reinforcements before we get to them?” someone asked from the other end of the line.

“Then we will have to get to them before they do that, right, Okon?”

The gang laughed at this, but again, silence prevailed.

“We’ll have to be deftly quiet,” Allen reminded them. “Surprise is the only means of dissuading a call for help.”

“Allen is right,” agreed Nimrod. “That is why we will not be carrying any noisy weapons.”

Jangfu was downcast. “Not even my baby?” he wondered aloud.

“No, my friend, not even your Kalashnikov. We will only use pistols fitted with silencers.”

*     *     *

Linus had quietly opened the small gate for them when the group of seven men arrived at Michael’s place. He was grinning toothlessly, because he’d been pounding Esther inside his small bunker before the three-tap signal came through the wall of his gatehouse loud and clear. The girl was now all but conscious on his bed, having smoked a larger quantity of the hellish drug before he pulled aside her panties. She was still fully dressed when he came inside her the first time, he thought with glee. Maybe he would kill her that night after banging her again after the operation.

“Situation report,” ordered his boss.

“The officers are in their apartment, Nimrod. The one on the left next to Michael’s flat. I don’t think they suspect anything yet.”

“Good,” said Nimrod, nodding. He brought out a pistol fitted with a silencer. Lead the way, Linus.”

“With all pleasure, sir.”

*     *     *

Michael angrily opened the door to see who was knocking fiercely on it. Two strangers faced him. The one at the front was pointing a gun at him. “Don’t try anything stupid. Now, gently step back,” Allen commanded.

Michael obeyed and the two men walked into the house. Six other men followed them before closing the door shut. They quickly covered all avenues of escape and Brenda went behind Michael’s back as he just stood there, confusion and fear etched on his face.

Nimrod knew that the woman in the room would scream, so he said, “Look, pretty lady…you better not scream. If you do that I will not hesitate to blow your brains off.” He looked at Michael and almost leaped for joy. This was the moment he had always dreamt about for the past four years. “Hello, brave young man,” he scornfully began. “Are you Michael?”

Michael stood there helplessly. He didn’t know what to say or what to make out of the situation. Somehow, he was more concerned about Brenda being in danger.

“Answer me! Are you Michael?”

“Yes, I am Michael.” He could barely hear his voice.

Nimrod snorted. “The brave Michael. Do you still stick your nose into other people’s business? Oh, permit me to introduce myself. I am Nimrod, can you remember? The guy you sent to prison a few years ago?” Nimrod pointed at Allen and said, “And this is my very good friend, Allen. Oh, Mr. Michael, you are a very important man.” Then he said to Allen, “Hold the girl, don’t let her do anything stupid.” He stared at Michael with so much hate. He felt his adrenaline rush around inside him like hot flame. “The day you came into my life was your last day on earth, Michael. You have died in my mind a million times, but this time, I will make sure you remain in hell!”

Allen suddenly grabbed Brenda and held her hands behind her with one hand, while using the other to circle her neck. He was almost choking her. He could feel her trembling in his arms. As soon as she had realized that this was Nimrod, Brenda knew that she and Michael were in serious danger. She had never been this close to death in her life. Allen’s grip wasn’t making things any easier for her.

Nimrod was now with the gun. It was pointing at Michael. He looked murderous. He walked up to Michael and kicked him violently on the stomach, causing the fellow to reel backwards as he clutched his belly with his hands. While he was still bent in anguish, Nimrod gave him a hard slap across the face, flinging his head to the left. Brenda thought she felt the pain. She let out a low groan and Nimrod turned to her.

He remembered what had happened at Glen’s place the day they killed him. Glen had been with a woman and because of their carelessness; she had escaped and given his description to the police. Now the cops were on his tail. Perhaps he should take care of the girl first, he thought. He could make her pay for the mistake Glen’s girl had made.

“Well, well, well,” he began, turning towards Michael. “Maybe I should start tormenting you by making you watch me slay your girl. Is she your girl?”

Michael didn’t answer. The psychopath wanted to kill Brenda, he thought. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t just stand there and watch the idiot kill the love of his life. If only he could save her. “Please, leave her out of this,” he managed to say.

“Bring her to me,” Nimrod said, and brought out a short jungle knife from his pocket. Two of his goons took Brenda from Allen and dragged her over to their boss. Nimrod gave Allen the silencer and turned to the girl. Instinctively, Michael looked over to a side table on which he had left his phone.

“Don’t bother,” Jangfu told him. “The guys assigned the task of watching over you are all dead. They didn’t see death when it was staring them in the face! And yes, all your neighbors are cowards…they dare not intervene or call the police!”

At this, the men burst into laughter. Only Michael and Brenda could not join them.

Nimrod grabbed Brenda and griped her neck with his left hand while he pointed the knife to her chest with his right hand.

“I guess she is your girl,” he growled with justification. “It is a pity she is in the right place at the wrong time.”

He was going to cut her, Michael thought. He realized that things had gotten out of hand. Everything was happening so fast. He didn’t even have enough time to think. Was he going to stand there and watch this bully slay his girl? No plan seemed to come into his head. He had noticed that Nimrod liked talking. Perhaps he should buy more time for Brenda by making Nimrod talk.

“Please, I beg you,” he stammered, getting the gang leader’s attention. “I will do anything you want me to do. I mean anything, but just spare her life, I beg you. She is just an innocent girl who knows nothing about your going to jail. Killing her will make no sense. It is me you want. Here I am…kill me, slay me, but please don’t touch her.”

“Do you think it matters to me what you think or what you want?” snarled the psycho holding Brenda. Even Allen was taken aback. “I hate you! Do you hear me? I hate your guts! You ruined my life! You sent me to hell on Earth. Just shut up! You will watch her die!” Then he paused, briefly. “On second thoughts,” he said. “You will watch her gang-raped before you watch her die!”

“Yeah!” growled Jangfu, nodding in approval. The other men were also nodding their heads in appreciation. Allen was smiling with glee. His new boss sure knew how to treat the boys!

It was then that Brenda found her voice. “Please,” she whimpered, shaking involuntarily. “Please, do whatever you want with me, but…but spare Michael’s life!”

“Brenda, no! What are you saying?” Michael was dismayed by her proposal.

“Ho ho!” bellowed Okon, standing close to the door. “The girl wants it already!” He zipped open his fly and pulled down his trousers. The other men were doing the same thing.

Nimrod pointed the gun at Michael and let go of Brenda. He turned to Allen. “Tie him up,” he ordered. “We don’t want him escaping, do we?” Allen nodded and produced a strong rope from his pocket.

“Please, leave her alone!” Michael wailed as his hands were secured behind his back and he was pushed to the ground while Nimrod covered him with the pistol. “It’s me you want!”

They just ignored him. His girl’s appearance was more appealing to their lustful eyes. Even Nimrod watched her heightening fear as his men circled her with interest. “Wait!” he suddenly ordered them and they turned to him. “I will take her first.”

“No!” Michael screamed.

“Silence!” snarled Nimrod and gave his victim a backhand slap. Michael fell backwards, struggling with his bonds, and the gang leader handed Allen the silencer-fitted gun. “Let’s see how you like watching your girl get it from behind!” he now chuckled, pulling down his jeans.

“From the ass!” agreed Allen, pointing the gun at Michael.

The men before him laughed at this and started throwing ribald jokes around. Most of them had already pulled down their pants and this situation helped the construction of more lewd jokes.

Now, Nimrod advanced towards Brenda, who was still in the circle created by her would-be rapists. Their leader entered the ring and grinned with pleasure. Allen shifted to better see the action before his colleagues.

Brenda simply stood there, looking down at the ground when Nimrod stopped before her. He was still holding the knife and raised it to her bosom. Michael’s jaws were clenched tight as he angrily stared at Nimrod, and the latter, knowing that he was being watched, turned to the man on the floor and smiled as he raised the knife to the cleft between Brenda’s breasts.

He tore open the dress in one quick swipe and the men stared at Brenda’s perfect figure. Michael bowed his head in shame. If only a neighbor would alert the cops, but it was as if there were no one in the compound. He looked around him, at the group of men waiting to kill him after killing his girlfriend, and it was then that he noticed a familiar figure amongst them. Linus, the old gateman, was also waiting his turn to rape Brenda. Linus was with the criminals and even had his pants down in his living room!

As Michael looked away in disgust, Nimrod turned the half-clad Brenda around to the admiration of his men. The girl was taking it too calmly for his liking and he resolved to kill her as he raped her. Maybe that would teach her. He yanked away her flimsy bra and pushed her to the central table in the room. Now he was forcing her face down on it and pulling down her panties. All the men were engrossed in this voyeuristic entertainment, including Allen, but Michael still did not know what to do, since his hands were tied behind his back. He only needed to start shouting if he wanted Allen to plant a bullet in his head.

The mentioned now grabbed his head and forced him to stare at the explicit scene about to unravel before his very eyes. Nimrod was gripping Brenda’s hands behind her with his left hand as he tried to force himself into her from behind. Michael could no longer bear it. He was shaking all over.

Then it happened.

An unseen hand pulled the gang leader off the naked girl and flung him into one of the framed artworks on Michael’s wall. Shattering glass heralded the painful impact and silence fell over the onlookers as Nimrod crashed to the ground, dazed. He shook his head and got up, his boxer shorts now covered by his loose jeans.

“What just happened, Boss?” asked a scared Allen, looking around him like the other men.

“Kill…Kill the bitch!” snarled his boss. Allen turned to Brenda with the gun and it was forced from him by an unseen hand. The next moment, he was crashing into the second picture on the wall, its glass frame exploding like the first one. “Kill the witch!” Nimrod was commanding his men.

They drew their weapons at the confused girl, who was still cowering beside the wooden table on which she was to be defiled.

“No!” screamed Michael.

Jangfu was lifted high up like a piece of rag and hauled at his colleagues, who tumbled as they tried to maintain their balance despite the fact that they still had their jeans below their knees. His pistol fell to the floor and it rose up into the air on its own free will.

“Abeg,” screamed Linus in pidgin English, “wetin dey happen?”

Brenda suddenly realized what was really happening.


“Aaaaargh!” screamed Okon as he fell dead beside his colleagues. Jangfu was pushed back by the strength of another shot and slumped beside this dead colleague of his. Another fellow wailed in pain as his gun was knocked out of his hand and the next instant, he sprawled on the floor. Linus hastily made for the door as he pulled up his jeans but was cut down from behind by a single shot from the weapon now hanging in the air.

“What the hell?” snapped Nimrod as the mysterious gun turned on him. Allen dived for cover as his boss scrambled to hide behind a steel cabinet in the room.

Two other gang members were successively silenced as they scrambled for one of the room’s exit doors. They soon lay in different angles on the floor. It was obvious that the invisible entity controlling the gun was an excellent shot.

“Allen, we must get out of here!” cried Nimrod.

“H-How?” squeaked Allen, drawing further behind his protection as the bullets flew in their direction. More men screamed with their last breath and crashed to the ground. Michael was lying flat on his stomach and starring around in wild fright. Brenda crawled over to him.

“Michael, it’s Cain!” she told him. “You must get out of here before he realizes you’re here!”

“What are you saying? From what you have told me, he knows I’m here, Brenda!” he cried. “There’s no way out of this for me! I’d as well die here with you beside me!”

“Don’t speak like that, my love!” opposed the girl.

‘My love.’  The magic gun turned towards Michael as soon as she had said these words, and a booming voice resounded within the enclosed room. “Michael!” it said. “So, Brenda never told you to stop seeing her? Now you die!”

“Now!” screamed Nimrod, and the two remaining gangsters unleashed bullets on the empty space around the gun. Brenda covered her ears with both hands and shielded Michael’s head with her body. The firing continued for some time, and then the mysterious gun dropped to the floor. The goons ceased fire.

“Something…something invisible was controlling the…the gun,” postulated Allen as they both stood up. “Did…did we get it? Him?”

“How would I know?” demanded Nimrod, taking his time to leave the shelter of the cabinet. He glared at Michael and the girl, his lips forming a wicked grin, though it was obvious that he was still scared. His men lay dead and strewn around the room. Even Jangfu had been snuffed out. “Your witch must have unleashed a potent magic on us, Michael!” he growled. “But we’ve defeated it!”

Allen grabbed Brenda by the hair and pulled her up. He kicked Michael in the groin.

“Ouch!” yelled the restrained man lying on the floor. Nimrod kicked him as well and felt pleased when he heard a satisfying groan as Michael lost consciousness. Brenda was livid.

“You won’t get away, Nimrod,” she snapped. “Cain will get you and your man, here!”

Allen pulled her around by the hair.

“Who is Cain?” snarled Nimrod, picking up his knife from where it fell and turning to her. “Answer me, or die right now!” He extended his weapon towards her naked breasts bobbing up and down as his minion pulled her by the hair.

“Boss, maybe it’s the name of her invisible juju!” suggested Allen.

“Shut up!” ordered his leader, looking around in fright. “I think we have silenced the invisible thing. We shot him, whatever he is!”

“I don’t think so,” let out Brenda and got a slap for her effort. But she was right, because, the next instant, a vice-like grip encircled Allen’s neck and he dropped his gun and let go of the girl. He was lifted high up in the air and the booming voice returned. “You will die like this, Nimrod, or whatever you call yourself, for attacking the love of my life! Pity you thought you could kill me with a mere gun! Pity you’ll never know what hit you!”

Nimrod’s second-in-command was bashed in the head several times on the wall, until his brains splattered like paint across the wall. The escaped convict suddenly felt Brenda was manipulating some demons to obey her desires. Perhaps, she had some diabolic powers, he thought. The bitch was playing some demonic stunts on him! Well, demons or no demons, he must do what he had to do.

He lifted up the knife to stab her, but suddenly felt a strong grip on his neck. It was so strong that for a few moments he felt paralyzed. Then he began to fight for his life just as Allen had done a few moments ago.

Brenda was now on the floor breathing hard. Allen’s hair-pulling had almost made her unconscious. She stepped away from Nimrod as he struggled with his unseen assailant and crawled over to Michael. She held him on the floor.

Nimrod was now more than two feet above the ground. He was fighting more frantically than Allen had done. He kicked his legs and threw his hands about in the air, but nothing could be done to save him from Cain’s powerful grip.

Then he stopped going up. He was now mid-way between the floor and the room’s ceiling.

Then with the speed of light, his head was slammed to the wall facing him. Nimrod instantly stopped breathing, as his blood splattered all over the room.

Brenda screamed at the sight.

Nimrod’s body slumped to the floor.

And the unseen Cain turned to the two remaining living occupants of the room.

Brenda could feel his eyes roving over her nudity and unconsciously shielded her breasts with her arms.

“Please, Cain,” she begged him. Please don’t hurt Michael.”

“But I told you, Brenda dear,” replied the booming voice. “He is standing in our way, my love!”

“I am not your love!” cried the frustrated girl, moving to cover the unconscious Michael with her body. “You’ll have to kill me first then!”

A strong gust of wind swirled round in the room. Her cyber lover was visibly annoyed by this.

“You will not stop me, Brenda. Now, get out of the way!”


She was pushed aside and Michael was grabbed by the neck, instantly regaining consciousness as he was lifted high up into the air. He soon lost his footing.

“Brenda?” He searched for her around the room. The grip tightened. He was being choked to death. “Brenda, wha…what is happening?”

“He is here, Michael,” Brenda said with new vigor. “Cain is here and he’s killing you!”


Something was obviously in the atmosphere.

“Cain!” Brenda called out. There was silence everywhere. Michael seemed hypnotized. “Cain! I know you can hear me. Please answer me, Cain!” Brenda knew that this was her last chance of freeing Michael.

Michael was turning blue in the face. It was obvious that he was choking.

Suddenly, he began to go up. The invincible hand was carrying him into the air.

“Cain!” Brenda screamed as she realized what was happening. “Cain, please don’t do what you are about to do!” Watching Michael fight for his dear life was unbearable for her.

“Cain, please if you love me don’t hurt Michael. I beg you,” pleaded Brenda. “Don’t do this, if you hurt him, then you have succeeded in hurting me for life. Please Cain, listen to me. Prove your love for me by letting Michael go. He is my life right now.” She began to sob. “I will do whatever you want, just let him go.” A thought suddenly came to her; and she suddenly smiled. “You once said your energy came from my inner hatred and anger, Cain. This means you can’t hurt him, Cain, can you? Search my soul once again, Cain, there is no hate or anger in there for this man; I bet all you see is love. Drop him, Cain. Let him go!”

“I’m sorry, Brenda!” replied Cain’s voice as Michael started kicking about. “In Michael’s case, your anger doesn’t control my killing strength! For me to make you entirely mine, Michael must die!” The unseen entity tightened its grip on Michael’s neck and Brenda lost all hope.

“Quick, smash the door!” someone suddenly bellowed from outside. The main door fell and Inspector Jack crashed into the room with Dr. Ryan, who had a gas cylinder hung behind him. Michael was tossed aside as the inspector quickly directed a nozzle towards the atmosphere before him. White foamy liquid spewed out of the tube, quickly seeking whatever was there before it could get away. Brenda’s mouth was agape and Michael was trying to catch his breath.

“No!” roared Cain’s voice as more officers spilled into the room. It was as if he was struggling, but Brenda wasn’t sure about this. The inspector kept spraying the atmosphere before Michael and the girl could only stare at them in amazement. A female officer threw a blanket around her semi-naked figure and helped her up. She heard a familiar voice outside the apartment.

“Brenda!” Jane shouted again.

“Jane!” she called out. “I’m alright!”

“And what of Michael?”

“He’s fine!”

A loud thud suddenly directed everyone’s attention towards the ongoing operation near Michael, and Brenda froze when she saw what was lying on the floor before him.

She now knew who Cain was.

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