Cyber Lover: In the Stillness of the Night

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BAKER’S SPOT was one of the most luxurious fast food joints in Lupe, and was mostly patronized by the affluent in town. Its environment had been extravagantly furnished and every nook and cranny of the restaurant was well embellished, giving it a magnificent look.
Michael wasn’t a regular customer to Baker’s Spot; it was a place one took special people to on special occasions. He was a busy man with less special people and few special occasions in his life. He had actually chosen this joint because of an internal, subconscious desire to impress Jane, which could probably be significant in achieving his desire of hooking up with her friend.
At exactly fifteen minutes to six, he walked into the restaurant and easily identified Jane. She was sitting at the table close to one of the windows that graced the front of the restaurant. She probably would have already seen him come into the restaurant.
The place was almost empty, but Michael knew that people would soon be flooding in since many were just returning from work then and most of them should be preparing to go out for the evening at that very moment.
Jane was neatly dressed in a tight, red gown that stopped just below her knees. The dress fitted her so well that no observer would mind feeding his eyes on her perfectly shaped, slim body. She looked exactly like a model, with a beautiful and smooth oval-shaped face. This beautiful face was clouded by worry, Michael noted as he sat opposite her.
Jane couldn’t help admiring him. She had seen him walk into the restaurant and had unbelievably found herself wishing he could date Brenda. He was dressed in plain black pants and had on a white short-sleeved shirt neatly tucked into the pants to make him look smart.
Filled with concern for her friend, Jane had not taken her time to look at him at the hospital. The sight of him right now made her feel confident that she had asked the right person for help. She liked his friendly expression.
“Hello Jane,” he greeted as he sat down. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long. I was delayed by the evening traffic.”
“There is no problem at all. I have been here for just three or four minutes. I have not even ordered anything. I must appreciate you for taken out time to help strangers like us. I hope this is not going to be much of a burden to you.”
“No, not at all. I will like to be of help.” He made a sign for the waiter and the attendant immediately came to them.
Michael ordered a plate of fried rice with chicken and bottled water, while Jane only asked for one meat pie and a bottle of coke.
She watched him closely as he started eating, knowing that deep within her, she would love to have him around Brenda. He struck up the conversation before she could take her first bite of the meat pie. “Tell me about Brenda. I am really concerned.”
Jane sipped from the bottle of coke before replying. “Brenda just had heartbreak, I mean, her relationship went bad that day before you helped her and she had not been taking the breakup lightly, it has deeply affected her and I am afraid that things might get out of hand if nothing is done to rescue her. That is why I thought I should bring you in; Dr. Chris told me that you have a vast knowledge of human behavior.”
“Yes, I do,” he replied, furrows suddenly running across his forehead. “Tell me more.”
“Right now she refuses to eat; she has really emaciated and never goes out any longer. She has lost interest in anything and has developed self-hatred; she seems to be blaming herself. Please Mr. Michael, I want my friend back, we can’t have a meaningful discussion again. I am afraid that she might hurt herself.”
Michael was very attentive.
“How long have you known her?” he asked.
“For about five years now.”
“Is there any other reason why she is taking the breakup so badly? Perhaps some things have happened to her in the past that had made her vulnerable to a certain level of depression. Are you aware of any?”
He was asking the right questions and Jane knew she was almost going to tell him about Brenda’s past relationships that very minute. Yet, she hesitated, not sure if she was doing the right thing.
And he waited.
“I don’t know…,” she stammered.
Michael knew she was holding something back. He had to reassure her.
“Listen to me Jane; you don’t need to be worried about me. I promise you absolute confidentiality here. And I must make you understand that deep within me, I really would love to help Brenda. I am sincerely concerned. I know how breakups can hurt. I know about it and the devastating effect it has on people, especially females who are the more likely victims. You won’t like anything bad to happen to your friend and I won’t like it either.” He stopped and allowed what he had just told her to sink in. Then he continued: “I want to do my best for your friend and I can’t help you if you refuse to tell me all I need to know.”
Jane believed him, but wondered what Brenda would do if she found out that her best friend had told a stranger all about her past. All the same, she knew she had to do all she had to do to help.
So she told Michael all about her friend’s previous broken relationships. She gave him all the details, how they occurred and how she handled them. She told him about how caring these people had all been in the very beginning, and how disappointing they later turned out to be in the end.
“Now I understand,” Michael said, nodding his head. He wasn’t sure if the breakups were Brenda’s fault or the guys she had dated, but the stories seemed quite true and obviously could happen to anyone. “Do you think that anything concerning Brenda’s personality could have elicited such reactions from these men?”
“No. Oh, Michael, I wish you could get to know my friend better; she is the most humble, most polite, most friendly, well-mannered girl I have ever met! She can’t hurt a fly. I have known her for five years and I can assure you of her behavior.”
“I assumed so. Can I pay you girls a visit? I need to see her so that I can better access the state of her health,” he gently proposed.
“Yes, I would like you to come around, but I am afraid she might see you as another threat rather than a friend.”
“Don’t worry, I will be careful. Seeing her is the most important thing now, no matter how she feels about men.”
Jane smiled and said. “You know what? You remind me of Brenda. The friendly atmosphere your presence creates. Anyway, when do I expect you?”
“Today is Thursday. I will be there on Saturday by 4:00 p.m. I hope that is okay?”
“It’s alright”
“For now, always be close to her, try to engage her with any discussion that you think will make her talk. Don’t share your happy moments with her, you might end up making her feel bad. Show her empathy; just make her know you understand what she is going through.”
He picked up his spoon and continued to eat, while she finished her bottle of coke and meat pie. After the meal Michael settled the bill and asked her if she had any other thing to tell him, which could help him the coming Saturday when he hoped to be in their apartment.
“No,” she affirmed.
They both stood up and walked out of the restaurant. It was already beginning to get flooded with people.
“May I drop you off?” he asked.
“If that won’t trouble you…,” she quickly began.
“No, of course not!”
He dropped her off and headed straight home.

* * *

Inspector Jack Davison was a thickset cop of average height and could easily be mistaken for a rich business tycoon due to his plushy looks. He was a very sagacious cop with deep-set and intelligent eyes, which made any offender under his interrogation think he could see through his soul.
Now he turned to Curtis, who was standing beside him in the security room of Lupe Prison looking at the camera console before them.
“So where is Sean now?”
“He has been transferred to another cell, sir,” replied the warder. “I’m taking responsibility for this, sir…it was my idea.”
“Pity none of you were awake that night….”
“The guy’s a bastard, sir; he did it even though we had installed a camera in that cell, and – and he’d been severely punished some time back for it….”
“Yet you still placed him in the same cell with the same fellow he attacked?” snarled the inspector. “What the hell?”
“I’m so sorry, sir!”
“So where is the fool now?”
“Standing naked in the sun, sir.”
The inspector pensively nodded. Before him, Nimrod was heaving and grunting like a wild animal in the footage the hidden camera in the said cell had captured the night before. The shot’s angle hid Sean’s face, but it was so obvious that the latter was in serious pain, and was even trying to stifle tears.
“Any word on the search?”
“Nothing, sir…no names or addresses…we’re still going through his belongings, though.”
“Good,” said the inspector, satisfied with the reply. He wondered who had angered this vicious prisoner to the point that he even ignored a security camera placed in his cell and went on to reveal that he was going to kill this person.
“Well, the state prosecutor will have to do something about this tape, Curtis,” he told the guard.
“Yes, sir.”
“We’ll have to send it to him this morning. I’ll go with it, myself. If it means arguing in court to keep this Nimrod character in jail for the rest of his life due to this new evidence, then so be it. That should be their problem now that we have evidence, not mine.”
“Yes, sir,” agreed Curtis, quickly switching off the footage and handing him the tape.
“But make sure you keep him under 24 hour surveillance…I don’t want him breaking out of here and going on a murder spree!”
“Will do, sir!”
“Good,” the inspector said again, turning to leave the room with the chief warder behind him. “I don’t think we’ll find any evidence in his belongings, Curtis…this one is meticulous and careful….”
“But we’ll keep looking, sir.”
“Aye, just keep the fool under serious watch…and get him a stronger cell!”
Both men passed the cell where Sean and his new cellmate were busy arranging their things, and both prisoners looked up to watch their backs recede in the distance.
“Curtis had been of immense help,” began Sean. Barry, his new cellmate, only smiled.
“Dude, it was the same Curtis that put you in the same cell with a killer!” he pointed out.
“How did you know he has killed before?” queried Sean. “It’s just rumors, right?”
“He-he-he!” laughed the other prisoner. Barry was in Lupe for grand theft, but anybody seeing him for the first time would think he was a pastor or a reverend father. “It’s no rumor, friend. Everyone in Lupe knows Nimrod and his deeds! I bet he’s told you of how he killed his teacher, as an introduction, right?”
“Yeah, he did…,” agreed Sean.
“He always does that to scare his would-be victims first,” continued Barry. “But that story is nothing compared to some other ones he had told us over the years.”
“Like which one?”
“His having killed his mother and father?”
“Yes, of course,” continued Barry in an authoritative voice. “Swore he did and we believed him, of course! Who wouldn’t?”
“How….Why?” Sean was still aghast.
“Why he killed his Dad? He grew up in an abusive home, he says…you should know this,” was the reply.
“Yes, I do…but…why should someone kill his own father and mother?”
“For the cruelty he got from them both,” replied Barry, smiling. “Took him four years to plan it, he told us…after killing his teacher, you know…. That was his first taste of murder and he enjoyed a gratifying sensation both during and after the act. He knew he had found himself an occupation after killing his teacher, can you believe that? He was going to do it repeatedly, but knew he must make sure he was never caught. He started planning on how he was going to kill his father and mother after that first murder.”
“How did he kill his father?” asked Sean.
“He did it in the old man’s bedroom with a cutlass; cutting him all over as he watched him cry and die slowly!” was the grim answer. Then Barry drew nearer conspiratorially. “Nimrod told us he had his first orgasm while killing his father, can you imagine that? Jeez!” And Sean drew back. His imagination was refusing to go the mile with him on this one!
It was so obvious that murder was like sex to this maniac and he became even more relieved that he’d survived the night’s encounter. What if the mad man had strangled him in that lonely cell after the act? Wow!
“Bet you want to know how he killed his mother as well?” enquired Barry, grinning from ear to ear. He didn’t wait to hear Sean’s reply to this question, though. “After killing his father,” he resumed, “Nimrod couldn’t wait for his mother to return, so he left home. However, before leaving town, he went to the bar where she normally drank in the evenings and set it on fire! Nobody saw him in that neighborhood again!”
Sean was lost for words.
“Yes, man…he burnt her to ashes! His own mother!”
“It’s not funny, Barry!”
“Who said it was?”
“The guy’s a bastard! And he was never found out? What even brought him here? Murder?”
“Nope! Burglary…can you believe that? Of all things…burglary!”
Sean sighed. It would have been good to know that Nimrod was in jail due to murder. That would have meant either a life or a death sentence for him and good riddance to such a wicked soul from society! Again, he sighed. It was always the worst of them that got away!
“You, what brought you here?” Barry was asking him.
“Me? Oh…rape,” he said without a second thought.
“What?” Barry was really surprised. “Rape? Jeez!”
“Why…. What’s the matter?”
“And you say you don’t know why you had to meet Nimrod in your lifetime!” the other prisoner exclaimed. “God was judging you, my friend! Wow! You’ve raped in your lifetime and yet fail to know why God sent a fag to plug your ass!”
“How-How was he caught?” his cellmate quickly put to him, wanting to change the embarrassing subject. “How was Nimrod caught…did he tell you that as well?”
Barry was still staring at him as if he was just seeing him for the first time. Who would have thought that this feeble-looking young man would have the courage to rape somebody, probably a young girl who’d been looking up to him or something? He had to shake himself out of this dazed state with effort before focusing on the question this same rapist had already put to him.
“How was Nimrod caught? Eh…yeah I remember that one…about Glen!”
“Who’s Glen?”
“Used to be one of Nimrod’s associates, according to him, that is…. You see, Nimrod told us he survived after leaving his hometown by indulging in petty stealing and moving from one town to another. Soon he joined a gang of thieves and perfected his ruthlessness; murdering anyone he perceived to be a threat. His peers were afraid of him, especially after seeing him commit many acts of murder. To them, he was insane!”
“And? Then what?”
“And in the next four years, he consecutively joined more than four different gangs after domineering and getting tired of each one’s modus operandi.”
“Modus what?” revisited Sean, trying to imagine the meaning of the phrase.
“Modus operan…I mean…method of doing things…you no go school?” the agitated storyteller broke down in pidgin.
“Sorry…just continue…,” he placated.
Barry hissed loudly and resumed his story. “He did this until he found himself in Lupe, I mean, the switching of gangs? He joined a gang of intelligent thieves here in town and became influential amongst them within six months…he-he-he!
“The leader of the gang, Glen, didn’t like this development and so he secretly started antagonizing Nimrod. You see, just like the other members, he was terrified of the guy. Even him gang no understand why Nimrod dey kill people the way he was doing,” he said in Pidgin English. “They must have assumed the boy was sick…he-he-he!”
“So what happened next?” Sean wanted to know, tired of Barry’s peculiar storytelling style.
“Don’t get me wrong here,” continued Barry. “Nimrod used to tell us that this particular gang respected him. He was organized and tactical, you see, and he made no mistakes so there was less risk of being caught. The only problem was his over-indulgence in the act of brutal murder, but he seemed to know how to take care of that better, and this they also respected.”
“So with time he got more loyalists and started agitating to be the leader. Glen decided to opt out of the group but Nimrod and the rest of the gang didn’t see this as a good idea, knowing that if he left, he was going to be a danger to them. So Nimrod decided that the best thing was to eliminate Glen, and one night, he broke into Glen’s house….”
“And to cut a long story short, he was caught by the police while preparing to kill Glen, and do you know he kind of mentioned a certain witness to the burglary who was Glen’s neighbor so many times that I thought he was going to kill this guy before getting Glen as soon as he stepped out of prison?”
“Why do you think so?”
“Why won’t I think so?” retorted Barry. “This man testified during his trial.”
“Oh, I see….”
And both men continued their conversation, oblivious of whoever was lying on a bunk in the next cell room.
Fortunately, for them, this person was not Nimrod, since the maniac had spent that day standing nude in the sun and lost in thought. Nimrod was still the leader of a nameless gang even while he was in prison. His followers respected him a lot and still waited patiently for his release. Through them, he had gotten all the information about the one person he had wanted to kill ever since he was thrown into jail due to the fool’s testimony. He had asked them not to let the idiot out of their sight and he believed that they were doing a great job of this, because so far the fellow had shown no sign of even knowing that he was being watched.
He couldn’t wait. He already had enough information about the busybody. They said his name was Michael Black and he lived comfortably at Number 8, Glow Street.
An irritating shriek from a guard’s whistle suddenly jolted him out of this reverie and he realized that evening was fast approaching. It was time to sleep.
That night he dreamt that he was forcing a hot, long rod into Michael’s anus. The young man kept crying in intolerable pain until the dream faded away.

* * *

Brenda didn’t stay up that night since she was still very depressed. She decided to retire early, having wanted nothing to do with anybody, or anything, throughout that day. Of course, she was able to take her bath before this and was just about to cover her nakedness with a loose negligee when Jane returned from her meeting with Michael. Quickly, she threw the dressing gown over her head and feigned sleep on her bed just before her friend could open the door to her room and look her over with concern.
She felt a little guilty, though, because she hadn’t come out to welcome Jane when she came in, which was something of a tradition in their apartment. Jane, on the other hand, never noticed anything out of place in her friend’s room and quietly closed the door behind her when she left, glad that Brenda was at least having a good night’s sleep.
She couldn’t have been farther from the truth.
For Brenda’s mind was in turmoil even as she lay on her bed trying to mimic sleep. What in the world must have made all three of her former relationships to end in such a devastating manner for her? Why had three young men rejected a romantically mutual agreement with such a wonderful and beautiful girl like her? Somehow, she knew that the answer to this question was the solution to her current situation, but it had so eluded her despite her having racked her brain over and over again for a clue to this one answer her future relationships might well depend on.
Of course, she was a lovely woman, full-blown and mature. Every curve of her body screamed voluptuous to the world and every part of her anatomy came measured and in the right proportion, so what the hell was wrong with her that made these three former lovers decide to jilt her one after the other? Sadly, she was yet to find out and hopelessly resigned to her fate.
Yet, she could not sleep.
Her room’s window was open and cool breeze wafted in now and then from the garden outside their apartment. Despite the light gown she was wearing, she still felt a bit hot and soon concluded that she needed more fresh air, pulling the thin material up to her waist and turning to lie supine on the bed with her eyes staring up at her ceiling fan.
At first, the steady breeze since cooling her wafted in like before, caressing her limbs and torso and spreading to her bosom to calm her racing heart. She parted her long legs on the bed sheets and exposed her inner thighs to the beautiful night air all around her, shifting up the negligee she was wearing to reveal her breasts and chest when it became obvious to her that the heat she was feeling before was slowly dissipating from her body.
She was so caught up in the night’s serenity and cool atmosphere that she failed to notice the breeze taking human form near her hips with outstretched arms of air caressing the curves of her behind until it was too late.
Suddenly she was violently swung round with one quick stroke and pinned face down to the bed by an unknown force emanating from nothing more than the mild breeze around her.
Brenda’d been jerked wide-awake by this abrupt and vigorous rotation to her person but could not even let out a whisper in her current position since her face was now pushed into the pillow and she was struggling to breathe let alone mouth a screaming protest. Her writhing body was held in position by an unforeseen entity and was so helpless that she could not even resist the obvious upward pull of her negligee by this invisible terror.
“Oh, God…please…!” she tried to scream, but got winded by the effort amidst the heavy thumping she could now hear coming from her chest. Since her arms were immovable, she couldn’t knock something over in order to alert Jane, who was undoubtedly fast asleep in the next room at that unholy hour.
And the penetration, when it came, was a very easy one.
Her entire body was now motionless with heightened fright as the tension holding her down began pushing in and out of her privacy. Of course she now realized that this had happened before, yet she was not going to blame herself for having forgotten it all afterwards and telling no one. Who wouldn’t? Such a terrible experience was best locked away in one’s innermost nook of unconsciousness! The vile thing now violating her must be a figment of her imagination, and for a fleeting moment, she wondered whether she was actually going mad!
The thing pummeling her insides was now alive of its own free will and she couldn’t deny the fact that it was actually hitting the right spots inside her. She suddenly realized that her body had unashamedly taken hold of itself, involuntarily beginning to push her up more vigorously than was necessary, and concluded that she had lost all sense of reason and control of her faculties. Their rhythm together was now in harmony and she tried to push out of her mind any thought of actually enjoying this oppressively horrible episode with terror, itself, to no avail!
“Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….Pleaaaaseeee!” she found herself moaning when her head was suddenly released from the pillow. It was becoming a joyous occurrence and she couldn’t resist the sweet tremor continuously shooting up her spine as her aggressor kept increasing the tempo of its aggression. Now she was on all fours, her limbs passionately resisting the forward push she was getting from behind, and then she was ecstatically kneeling upright, her mate brazenly digging into her as her excitement heightened to a crescendo. “Faster! Faster! Faster!” she kept shouting, bracing herself as the ultimate pleasure kept sweeping through her entire being. “Please, don’t stop…Nooooooooo! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Her orgasm was a quick succession of muscular contractions that built up into an explosion so bizarre in intensity that she was sent rocketing non-stop to the moon and beyond before seeing stars lit up brighter than the sun and filling the void of her womb.
Yet it was not over.
Her mate was still pounding her insides to shreds.
She was now holding on to the bedpost as the structure kept squeaking underneath their weights.
The night was going to be a long and drawn out one.

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