Conspiracies Against President Jonathan – Dr Odinaka Chukwuka

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The conspiracies against President Goodluck Jonathan are no longer hidden from the public glare. These plots started several months ago, even before INEC fixed the election time table. Foremost amongst the plotters are :

1) General Olusegun Obasanjo,
(2) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
(3) The Northern Elders Forum
(4) Boko Haram and now Chukwuma Soludo, among others.

These people or group of persons have not hidden their hatred for GEJ and the Federal Government.

They all have their parochial reasons for participating in the plot. Obasanjo began the execution of the plan by his infamous “Letter to the President’ where he accused GEJ government amongst other things, of training snipers to assassinate over 1000 prominent Nigerians, (unsubstantiated); massive corruption, etc.

He followed that letter with several attacks on GEJ on every occasion. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi continued from OBJ letter by writing his own letter accusing NNPC of having not remitted over $49.8billion which he later scaled down to $10.8 billion and then upgraded to $20billion. Forensic Audits by world class audit firm, Price Water House Coopers, has shown that no such money was ever missing or unremitted. Boko Haram has always struck when GEJ has something to celebrate.

Even when Jonathan was to declare for Presidency, Boko Haram struck in a school in the North-east, killing over 50 students. This was intended to prevent GEJ from declaring. Of course APC latched on to that unfortunate incident to condemn the President for going ahead to declare for President when students had just been killed.

Nigerians and indeed the world should note that in all Buhari’s endeavors and political maneuverings including all APC’s activities, Boko Haram has never disrupted their franchises. Now Soludo has come up with another voodoo N30trillions missing.

On his part, the D-G, Buhari campaign organization, Governor Rotimi Amaechi recently accused pastors of collecting N6billion as bribe to support Jonathan. The clandestine activities of the Northern Elders Forum is obvious to all Nigerians. These plots are all about stopping President Jonathan from being re-elected.

The vitriolic pursuits of ‘Stop Jonathan at all Costs’ using the instrumentality of corruption and Boko Haram have been casting aspersions on the integrity and image of Nigeria. Nigeria is being demonized before the world as a corrupt country, with corrupt and incapable military, because of false allegations of spurious stolen monies.

These actors do not mind if Nigeria’s image is completely denigrated. These plotters are completely jaundiced to the gains of the Jonathan administration. Their goal is to delude Nigerians and the international community into believing that the government of Jonathan is not only monumentally corrupt, but weak, clueless and don’t have the nerve to tackle Boko Haram.

Unfortunately many Nigerian and foreign countries and their press are buying into these diabolic plots. It is either Jonathan and his men were deliberately ignoring these shenanigans or they are oblivious of the fact that these people were targeting his re election bid. Part of their grand design is to weaken the credibility of the Jonathan administration.

PDP as a party has been slow to react coherently to all the falsehood that APC and their sympathizers have been churning out. PDP and its presidential candidate have been too gentlemanly. Olisa Metu, the publicity Secretary of PDP has not matched the loquaciousness of Lai Mohammed, his APC counterpart.

Lai Mohammed is a tough malevolent alarmist. Ditto the national chairman of APC, John Oyegun. These people raise alarm on any thing from the ridiculous to the profane. Chairman of PDP, Alhaji Muazu rarely grant press conference. PDP Publicity Secretary is more like a pastor admonishing the Elders and Deacons of his church when addressing the Press. These PDP people don’t spit fire like their counterpart in APC. Even the APC governors are not different. Adams Oshiomhole is full of showmanship. Amaechi another noisy governor. Take his theory of APC forming a parallel government if they lose. Buhari, of course is of the same stock aka, ‘baboon and the dog being soaked in blood’.

If PDP and the President want to avoid these well aimed plots to frustrate their victory at the polls, they should reduce the smiles on their faces and add a little bit of frowns. They should learn not only to talk tough, but coherently. PDP should project the achievements of the Jonathan administration with some steel.

This is because APC is a reactionary and alarmist party. If the Buhari’s certificate saga had been that of any PDP candidate, Tinubu and his APC gang would have led mass protest to INEC headquarters to disqualify the candidate.

Dr. Odinaka Chukwuka writes from Oleh

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