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We have received hundreds of mixed reactions concerning the protected Season “AFRICA TO EUROPE SEASON 2”.

We apologize for this belated announcement concerning the development.
But the truth is that it is locked.
People who subscribed to read the story are the people reading the story.

I was forced to change the password this afternoon because one of the subscribed members gave out our password.
We have blocked him off and he won’t be coming here anytime soon.

The Closed Season will get to at least 100 Chapters.
Our Standard Chapter has approximately 6000 alphabets and surprisingly, it has been that way for over one year.

To get your own Password, contact me for the little token you have to pay.

If you are not interested in paying, don’t bother contacting me.
Due to time factor, I will only discuss the issue with each runner once.

For those who already paid, please note that the Password has been changed.
The new password will be sent to you immediately you contact me.

The same goes to those who were lucky to get the password free from me, especially the four people that benefited from that yesterday.

Miss Maria is in Town.

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  1. GBAMMMM! The Boss have spoken.

  2. Welldone boss” holla at maria for me.

  3. Well done for that. I’ll contact you when I have free time.

  4. eunisam logged in.did you mean Miss maria or mrs? Anyway i hope is not the i in Africa2Euro.

  5. Bros we dey your back…………..Keep on riding hard…..

  6. MeKing王

    Speechless ……

  7. Can she just say hi via the comment box

  8. how do I contact u Mr zuby

  9. ok zuby

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