Chibok: Why I Revealed That We Have Located The Girls-chief Of Defence Staff

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The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex
Badeh has defended his claim on May 26 that the
Nigerian Military have discovered the location of
the over 200 missing girls held hostage by Boko
Haram insurgents.Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief
Marshal Alex BadehThis claim did not go down
well with the Presidency as it was yesterday
reported that the President was angry with the
Chief of Defence Staff’s claim who viewed it as a
breach capable of hindering the rescue mission of
the abducted girls.Well the Presidency has
reportedly softened its stance over the Chief of
Defence Staff revelations based on his
explanations.According to sources the CDS whose
competence has been questioned in recent times
said his announcement was necessary before other
countries to give the assurance that it was capable
of tackling the rising wave of insurgency.A
competent source said: “If the Americans had
made the breakthrough, it would have been the end
of the Nigerian Military and the President, as
Commander-in-Chief, knows that he must show
and have confidence in the capacity and
competence of his troops.”According to findings, it
was due to the explanations made by Badeh that
the Presidency authorised one of his senior media
aides, Doyin Okupe, to make further claims that the
military had sighted the missing girls.Okupe, in the
CNN interview monitored in Abuja, said the girls
had been located but did not say where they
were.Meanwhile, the US who have provided air
surveillance and logistics support to rescue the
Chibok school girls is angry with the revelation
made by the CDS as theUS could not confirm the
claimwhile saying they would prefer to bring out
the girls before making any statement.The source
further said that the President was not unmindful
of the effect of the positive development on the
morale of the Nigerian military.

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