Chibok girls: Presidency doubts Obasanjo’s sincerity

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The thinking in government circles is
that former President Olusegun
Obasanjo is not sincere in his widely-
publicised plan to intervene in the
rescue of the over 200 schoolgirls
abducted from Chibok, Borno State,
The PUNCH investigation has
Obasanjo was reported last week as
saying that he had links with Boko
Haram, the group holding the girls,
and that he needed a go-ahead from
the Federal Government before
Although the Presidency had said it
was open to any intervention by
anybody that could lead to the rescue
of the girls, Obasanjo granted another
interview recently, saying he had yet
to receive government’s go-ahead.
But a top Presidency source, who
pleaded not to be named because of
the sensitivity of the issue, however,
told one of our correspondents in
Abuja on Tuesday, that Obasanjo was
not sincere in his claims.
The source said the former President
had yet to approach President
Goodluck Jonathan on the matter
despite the fact that he had an
unfettered access to him.
He added that what further showed the
insincerity in Obasanjo’s claims was
his absence on two occasions last
week during events that he could have
used to approach the President if he
did not want to speak with him one-
The source said, “The truth of the
matter is that Chief Obasanjo is not
sincere in his claim and the
government would no longer be drawn
into a media war with him no matter
the provocation.
“It will interest you to know that he has
not approached the President on the
matter despite the interviews he has
been granting on the matter.
“Just last week, there was an All
Political Parties Summit on Security
attended by the President in Abuja,
Chief Obasanjo was invited and he did
not attend.
“You will also recall that President
Jonathan, later in the day, also met
with former leaders inside the
Presidential Villa on the security
situation in the country. Again, Chief
Obasanjo did not attend that meeting.
“All these are pointers to the fact that
the former leader is not sincere in his
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the
Chibok community in Abuja,
Tsambido Abana, has said that the
military has yet to deploy troops in
their community despite the fresh
threat by   Boko Haram to strike again.
Abana, in a telephone interview with
one of our correspondents on
Tuesday, said the Chairman of the
Chibok Local Government Area, made
this known to him.
Boko Haram had last week written to
the people of the community to watch
out for its next visit.
Abana, who confirmed that the people
were living in fear, pleaded with the
government to immediately send
troops to the community.
He said, “Since they got the letter from
Boko Haram, our people have been
living in fear and no soldier has been
sent to protect them. The only thing
they can do if Boko Haram comes, is
to run and hide in the bush. The
government should please send
soldiers to protect the community from
destruction by Boko Haram.”
Asked whether the community had
made a formal report to the police and
military authorities, Abana, said the
publication of the threat was enough
notification to the government.
Efforts to get the Director of Defence
Information, Maj.Gen. Chris Olukolade,
to speak on the threat by Boko
Haram did not yield any result as his
telephone line indicated that it was
either switched off or in an area
outside network coverage.
But a top security source said that
they were aware of the story that the
insurgents wrote the community.
He said, “We are aware of that story
here but we don’t know if the
authorities have deployed soldiers in
the place or not.”
Meanwhile, the Presidential Fact-
finding Committee on the Abduction of
Chibok schoolgirls may submit its
report to the President on Wednesday
The committee which was set up by
Jonathan on May 6 is chaired by
Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Sabo.

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