The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow. (Chapter Two)

me and Austin continue our waka like johnny walker wen we get to Austine house he escort me for two minutes before he decided to go back, after some time i got home, we live in a building with three room, parlour, kitchen and other minor things like bathroom, we have a garden also, we can follow our garden inside our house, the garden is close to main road, in our community we have two road, the old and the new, our house dey close to the new road while my church dey the old road, and yes i forget to tell una am a choirister also, we newly come this house i dont like it much because its too expose, many houses dey close to our own and yes one big upstair probably the biggest and most beautiful house then in ogute stand still in front of our house, na there the landlady and her children they stay, in our left you will see the new road, in our front you see big upstair while in our right you see another building, where the carpenter dey stay, though i dont know him, but i believe they call him ogijio from anyangba.
I dont know him, anytime i pass that upstair i will just greet him and he will reply my and add sir, talking about age he is miles ahead of me, he may be 28 or even 30 i dont rily knw y he always add sir.
I look at the case again, the key look like a silver bronze, i hide the case under my beg while i went out, i went to the front of the
upstair, i saw the carpenter with two other guys, i know them but i
dont talk to them as if we are friend, one is called chris, hes father
is one of the strongest man in that village, the meaning of his
father’s name is (them no they shake me) rumous had it that hes the
strongest ogboni man in the whole of emai, he have many wives and many
children and he live downtown of the community close to the junction
between old road and new road, the other person with them is called ben,
he’s from a poor background (later one of the richest in that
community) he stay center of the community in old road close to my
church anglican

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