The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow. (Chapter Three)

I wanted to go and meet the carpenter but when i saw the other guys, i
just pass them and greet them, they were looking at me probably saying
something that concern me, i pass them and walk to one street, i enter
the street and burst out in new road, i cross the road to go and visit
my friend called, vareeth, hes from a rich background, hes father work
in an oil company and he has two cars with two wives, one in warri and
the other in ogute here, rumous had it that the one in warri is a
witch that she confess sometime ago (shes still a witch), they have
three buildings with big borehole in the center of the houses and also
a big compound, i enter inside the first house and come out inside the compound, i saw his mom doing akpu.
Me: good evening ma.
Vareeth mum: good evening oziegbe how you dey?
Me: fine ma, vareeth dey house.
Vareeth mum: yes im dey im room.
Me: okay ma.
I turn left to the second house, i enter and knock, nobody answer so i open the door, there i saw him in bed sleeping with a woman while music they scatter for speaker, i open the freezer and took cold (almost block) water, i pour the water on his body, come see how him jump getup Unclad, the shout shock the girl as she stand up as she see say i dey view them like video camera she took quickly took blanket
and use to cover her body.
Julieta: Oz na why you come just enter without knock na?
Me: you dey craze me wey don knock tire wey una no gree open.
Vareeth: na since when you dey here, he said as he stoodup Unclad with his cobra dangling along with him, he went to his drawer and took a shot while he lower the music.
Me: i just enter now.
Vareeth: ha na you come pour me water abi?
Me: next time na hot water i go pour.
Ju: oz go outside na make i wear my clothes.
Me: you dey craze, na wetin you get wey i never see before, or you don forget say na me open….
Ju: e don do, i go stay like this till you commot.
Me: then you go commot tommorow be that.
Vareeth: na wetin even carry you come self.
Me: guy i need that my film.
Vareeth: that blue film.
Me: yes na, abi you carrry another one join?
Vareeth: the film dey inside dvd oh.
Me: so na im una dey watch before una start the wrestling.
Ju: im peenis no gree wakeup na im make us put the film.
Me: eyaa, i don tell am make im no dey lick sugar well well again, im nor dey here.
Vareeth: i don stop sugar na.
Ju: maybe na marstubate im dey marstubate.
Va: yes na with your unclad picture.
Me: hahahaha, wetin dey her body wey you go fit use marstubate, she no get yash, she no get boobs, she just dey dry plantain.
Julieta stood up angrily and took the cold water from ontop fridge to pour on my body, i ran to the door, open it and ran out, telling
vareeth till tommorow.

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