Chapter Three

I slept like a baby smiling, the next day i called her in the morning and she pick up.
Me: hello.
Chidinma: hi good morning.
Me: morning dear, how was your night?
Chidinma: bless God even though i didnt sleep.
Me: really you mean you didnt sleep at all.
Chidinma: well i slept for few hours though.
Me: hmmm then i guess you should take your time now and sleep right?
Chidinma: nah no time for that, am getting ready for school.
Me: hmmm are you sure the burden is not too much for you?
Chidinma: burden kwa? If i dont work will you pay my school fees for me?
Me: errhmmm.
Chidinma: errrm what? Abeg forget that thing joor, i will manage.
Me: okay if you say so, i just feel concern thats all.
Chidinma: really, so why are you concern about me?
Me: well maybe i kinda like you and i didnt sleep well because of you yersternight.
Chidinma: not me, is your job you are concern about, dont worry i told my boss and he told me to tell you to bring your C.V, your waec result and your money for the form also.
Me: waoh, i really appreciate thanks alot.
Chidinma: nah you will appreciate me well after you get the job.
Me: no doubt about that.
Chidinma: i hope so oh.
Me: come on trust me, i get that job and i will make you my queen.
Chidinma: lol you make me queen for that small money wey them they pay.
Me: well i can manage, is not that small though.
Chidinma: well lets see how things unfold.
Me: okay ma, when should i summit the letter.
Chidinma: you can go anytime from 8 am to 6pm in the evening.
Me: alright let me just go now since i have nothing doing.
Chidinma: alright, when you get there just tell them chidinma ask you to come and see oga.
Me: okay no problem, whats the name of your boss.
Chidinma: mr Olu.
Me: alright thanks alot.
Chidinma: you welcome, let me start preparing for school i will call you later in the evening, alright
(i heard a baby’s voice).
Me: who is that.
Chidinma: i thought i heard a baby’s voice there.
Chidinma: yeah my neighbour.
Me: okay take care.
Chidinma: you too.
I cut the call and look at the clock on the wall 7:09 Am.
I stood up and start writting my letter of application, i check google for more ideas i dont want any fuckup that will make me lose the Job, after writting i read it over six times to make sure it’s captivating for the reader, then i stroll out to get brown envelope and indomie,.
Me: good morning ma ( i greet the fine lady i saw on the store, very fine girl with no ass but nice breast)
lady: morning, what do you want?
Me: please give me two brown envelope and two indomie.
Lady: which indomie?
Me: give me chicken noodles, super park.
Lady: okay.
Me: please do you know any baba ode road here? (even though i know am)
Lady: baba ode? I think is in idiroko road, though i dont know the exact place, are you new here?
Me: yes, i just came recently.
Lady: hmmm, welcome to ogun state, with your acent i guess you are from igbo.
Me: not at all, am from south south region.
Lady: okay welcome stranger ( she gave me the item and i gave her the money).
Me: thank you ma and am Ozila not Stranger.
Lady: okay ozila.
Me: okay bye.
I left the store without even asking for her name or number, well maybe another time.

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